US newspaper: Iraq's economy is running on fumes money vanishing

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: newspaper "The National" US economically published an article by writer Mark Thomas in which Iraq accept the financial problems suffered by the collapse in conjunction with the entry of terrorists into the country Daash. Thomas, revealed in his article, the reasons for the dollar's decline and the decline in oil prices, as well as the growing problems between the central and Kurdish governments. Despite assurances to resolve it, noted writer in his article to, that "one of the few things that remained of Iraq is exports Almtarth somewhat after the arrival of terrorists Daash to the city of Mosul and the announcement of succession in the past year. " Money is talking about Iraqi politicians could run out unless there are mechanisms available to address the risk of financial crisis looming Iraqi horizon.

There is no doubt today, after the domination of terrorists Daash a third of the spaces Iraq, declining Iraqi income and growing government deficit widened financial crisis gap, making the country vulnerable to the risk of drowning in more turmoil, does allies Iraq to help him and bail him out of its current crisis? Iraq budget passed this year's severe stalled, based on export 3 million barrels of oil a day and at a price of $ 56 per barrel, with a financial deficit clear by $ 20 billion of the total whole budget. pricing of the budget according to the price of a barrel of oil has led to a dispute between politicians and economists after a slight rise in oil prices and has become the price per barrel to $ 50. Iraq today able to export 2 million barrels per month, easing that financial inability to which We arrived billion Iraqi dinars in the first month of the year and this is good news for Iraq and calculated. Economists forecast last month was different from what they talked him, The country is exposed to damage as a result of military operations. Mohammed Jaafar head of oil company executive Crescent says that "Iraq is in a financial crisis, Prime Minister al-Abadi was frank in this regard when this difficult year, said on Iraq, but time itself seemed open to all parties that might help him. " It is said that terrorists Daash completed all hope for prosperity in Iraq after their control over vast areas of Iraq, particularly in Mosul last year. As exacerbated crises in Iraq and specifically crisis displaced, who numbered three million displaced people, according to statistics of the United Nations. Louay writer, a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution research strategy in Doha says "Iraq to the cost of heavy war, and this impact on Iraq's exports, since all the money go today to security forces in its war against terrorists Daash, as well as Peshmerga fighters volunteers who distract them from the state about $ 27 million. In spite of the drain Iraq financially, however, he loses more of its human resources to the point that he had manipulated Baanaatath Vibrio that may affect the value of the Iraqi dinar if used.

The author argues in this regard, that any deficit soon is not resolved will lead to more debt and the high incidence of inflation. Although the cause of these crises escalating in Iraq, is the result of the constitutional problems of the Iraqi Foundation, as well as higher state bureaucracy in the state administration and the adoption of policies sectarianism in the country's administration, all of which helped the deterioration of the situation of the country, it has been in 11 years from now entered Iraq not to exceed two billion dollars, but the former president Saddam Hussein, sectarian and governance policies after 2003 prevented the construction of a solid state. The central government and the Kurdistan region recently have conducted debate on the northern oil exports, and reached the effect of these discussions will lead to an agreement to hand over the central government of the Kurdistan salaries, to send that recent imports Iraq from the north. And confirms Mr. Jaafar, Iraq produces daily four million barrels of oil, the highest since 1970. With this rise, and the control of terrorists Daash on oil wells scattered in different parts of Iraq, the government deficit in the payment of staff salaries has been looming unless alternatives to address their positions available difficult economic.