Hundreds demonstrate near the local government headquarters in Basra to demand reforms

Alsumaria News / Basra
, hundreds of people near the local government headquarters in Basra on Saturday to press for reforms and improvement of services and the development of the local economy, also demanded an end to immigration to the province from neighboring provinces. He said demonstrator Ali Imad in an interview for " Alsumaria News ", that" participants in the peaceful demonstration came out to express their protest against the conditions experienced by their province and to demand reforms and improve services, "noting that" Basra is still suffering from poverty, unemployment and the housing crisis, environmental pollution, lack of services, despite being produces most of Iraq's oil, but has not harvested from its wealth vast oil is environmental pollution which has led to a high incidence of diseases, cancer rates, and above Albesrion strongly suffers from salinity of the water that has become repeated every summer without the government put the solutions have a crisis, and did not find solutions to most of the other problems faced by the province. "

Imad and pointed out that "the demonstrators have made ​​a unified demands include stopping immigration to Basra from other provinces and the abolition of the Ministry of Interior's decision to allow the transfer of souls records, in addition to accelerating the implementation of construction of the port of Faw project, and operation of government idle factories, including iron and steel, petrochemical and fertilizer plants , as well as change the name of the Southern Oil Company in Basra Oil Company, "adding that" other demands include the government is required to seek hard to combat corruption, and to address the problem of water salinity which have caused human suffering and large the collapse of the agricultural situation, as well as cancellation of a project to privatize the electricity sector, and the allocation of revenue border crossing points are all to improve services in the province. " In turn, another protester, Abdul Majid Hashim said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "high temperatures to more than 48 degrees Celsius did not stop us from demonstrating to demand our rights, as we have fully insistence on the claim Rights, can no longer be tolerated more injustice and neglect, "explaining that" reason to resentment and anger more is the concern of a lot of political leaders manage their companies and their projects commercial without being uninterested to the suffering of the citizens, and therefore Htva much during the demonstration against administrative corruption and quotas party and the absence of competencies . "

For his part, Police Directorate in Basra Director Major General Faisal Kazem al-Abadi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "peaceful demonstration holds a prior authorization, was attended by 300 protesters and provided them with the necessary protection and security forces," adding that "police forces conducted during the demonstration, distributing bottles of water at the demonstrators. " For his part, the head of the citizen bloc in the province of Basra Secretary gave in an interview for "Alsumaria News" during his stay in the demonstration site that "the demands of the demonstrators are all legitimate, and meet most of them is the responsibility of the federal government." , adding that "the local government legislative and executive, both serious in transport demands of the demonstrators to the federal government and follow-up, including the basic requirement on addressing the problem of salinity of the water." It is noteworthy that Basra is the beating heart of the Iraqi economy, it has five active commercial ports, and implementers border crossings onshore with Iran and Kuwait, as well as thousands of farms and orchards, and many large state-owned factories (mostly parked for production), also produces and exports most of Iraq's oil quantities, in spite of all this, the population of the province suffering from the challenges of many big problems, local government is facing serious difficulties in finding solutions effective to those problems and challenges as a result of the limited powers and the weakness of the financial allocations.