Abadi calls on ministers and officials to take to the field and thank the demonstrators to respect the system

Alsumaria News / Baghdad Called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi , Friday, ministers and officials to take to the field for the problems of citizens and find solutions to them, and as he emphasized the right of citizens to express their views, expressed his thanks for the protesters to respect public order and express their opinions in a very civilized. He Office Abadi said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that the prime minister "held an emergency meeting Friday evening with Minister of Electricity and ministry staff to follow up the electricity problems and weakening the system and the need to make further efforts to increase the hours of processing power to citizens and the fight against corruption." He called Abadi, according to the statement to "the presence of the employees of the Ministry of Electricity in the locations to repair the damage issues and increase productivity, and full application of the order that was released by us comprehensively all officials machining programmed for electricity," stressing "the right of citizens to express their views and call upon all officials to listen to their demands." He thanked Abadi "citizens and protesters to respect public order and express their opinions in a very civilized," and he also thanked "the security forces that protected the demonstrators and maintain security and dealing with citizens with respect and in a professional and dedication which enhances the cohesion between citizens and security forces that fight terrorism and preserve citizens' security." . Abadi also called on all ministers and officials to "take to the field for the citizens' problems and find quick solutions." systems of dozens of civilians and citizens activists, on Friday, a demonstration in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to protest against poor service amid tight security.

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