Parliamentary services: we will hold the contact took the decision and we will prevent tax imposed

the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary warned of the imposition of tax on the citizens contact by mobile phone companies.
Committee Chairman Nazim al-Saadi told all of Iraq [where] "We reject the application of this tax by 20% on the citizens as the federal budget for 2015 stipulates that a tax levied on the seller, a contact companies and not the consumer citizen who refuse to impose any tax upon private and we Tiger circumstance Mali difficult. "
He added, "we will hold all Shortened made ​​the decision and we will resort to the Federal Court for the interpretation of the legal text to this aspect," revealing "the determination of the parliamentary finance committee directing a formal letter to the Ministry of Finance to release the reasons to take such action".
He said al-Saadi "and we In committee the parliamentary services demanded from the outset not to impose any taxes or fees on the citizen until the improved standard of living. "
waved Services Committee Chairman Parliamentary "to resort to the use of all the powers and laws to prevent the application of this tax on the citizens and make contact companies are borne."
The Ministry of Finance It had set today as the date for obtaining tax from all mobile operators.
According to one of the telecom companies in Iraq in a letter sent to subscribers on Friday that "According to the Ministerial Order issued by the Ministry of Finance / General Authority for taxes for all mobile operators, will be starting from eighth / 2015 [today] collection and transfer amounting to 20% of the nominal value are installed on the scratch cards and electronic packaging for prepaid service and monthly bills to pay service tax deferred sales Sales of users "