Military flags: the joint forces destroyed the headquarters of the Daash in Mosul

Publishing Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2015 20:34:31 | Views: 17
Media announced military cell, the joint forces managed to direct a devastating blow to Daash in Mosul, indicating that the coming days will witness a devastating blows directing other sites Daash.
The media war cell in a statement, said that the Joint Special Operations Command was able to detect a large site gangs Daash Wahhabism is used to collect and organize criminal elements, and to store weapons and supplies south of Mosul.
She added that after the audit information in the Joint Special Operations Command, in coordination with it, has been the quality of implementation of an air strike at dawn today on the target and destroy it completely, stressing that the next few days will witness the devastating blows to their headquarters and gathering areas.