Iraqi Federal Police kills 10 ISIS elements, dismantles 5 booby-trapped vehicles in eastern Ramadi

By Amre Sarhan - Aug 1, 2015

( al-Anbar – The chief of the Federal Police Command announced on Saturday, that the Iraqi security forces were able to kill 10 ISIS elements and dismantle five booby-trapped houses during a military operation in the eastern axis of Ramadi City.

Raed Shaker Jawdat, the commander of the Federal Police Forces, stated in a statement obtained by, “The security forces had managed to kill 10 ISIS elements, including a suicide bomber and three snipers, while advancing into the eastern axis of Ramadi City,” adding that, “Four soldiers have suffered burns during their attempt to extinguish the flames which ISIS had kindled in a number of houses in Hasiba, located 7 km east of Ramadi.”

“The forces dismantled 5 booby-trapped houses in the eastern axis,” the statement also added.