Media Authority's (dinars) decision to raise the government .. shipping cards and the companies incur taxes


Dinars / Adnan Abdul Hassan / .. described the CMC decision telecommunications companies to impose and convert amounting to 20% of the nominal value are installed on the scratch cards of users the decision of government sales tax, stressing at the same time that the matter is still under debate and the companies bear the tax.

A member of the Board of Trustees in the pilot's body Khalil told a special permit / JD /: "The decision of the government and not entered into the body and is still the subject of controversy between the government, represented by the Ministry of Finance and companies being tax policy."

He said the pilot, "We in the media and communications see the importance that does not have password timeout of the citizen, but borne by companies."

And sent two communications Zain and Asia Cell "messages to its subscribers teach them that, according to the ministerial order issued by the General Administration of Taxation under the Ministry of Finance that all telecommunications companies as of August today collects and transfer amounting to 20% of the nominal value are installed on the shipping papers, packaging sales tax E for prepaid service and monthly bills for payment service futures sales tax from users.

In the meantime he became ampersands SAP and fiber and Elvis and free services via the Internet to communicate Iraqis refuge in a time of austerity and high freight rates Kartat mobile, with citizens and vendors believe that the decision was unfair and dramatically affect the strength and cost-effective financial charges.

Said Khalid Abdul Nabi, owner of the maintenance and sale of mobile cards shipping in Ghazaliya replace told / JD /: "The decision will negatively impact not only on our work and even street vendors who make from the sale of Kartat shipping profession and as a means to earn their daily bread," adding that "Kart shipping category 10 000 dinars reached 13 500 dinars either category 5 reached 6500 dinars. "

He called on the government to impose taxes and apply it in the event of any significant improvement in living standards and the economic situation of the country and individuals, not now and we live financial crises at the level of all segments of the employees and retirees and cake. "

In the eyes of Hassan Hadi (a college student), "The advantage of the technology available and activate the work of the" Pat San reality for most Iraqis in a time of austerity and high goods and services, especially in the search for enduring reached away from the financial cost, "noting that" smart phones services and the Internet is the only resort Rtat mitigation of high prices. "

He said: "The political rage and interests deported thwarted competition and fourth license project and the creation of national telecommunications company Add to this the lack of activation of landline services."

It is said that Communications Minister Hassan Kadhim Al-Rashid revealed in an earlier statement to the agency / JD / formation of a fourth license in the General Company for Post & Telecommunications Directorate by Aqrarcil minister who granted structural Ministry of Communications and the nomination of a group of experts and specialists to start phase the first phase and the collection of studies as well as reception studies Offers and investment companies for the development of landline services ... / end / ..