Media cell announce kil 77 "terrorists", including " commander of a group" 8/1
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Thread: Media cell announce kil 77 "terrorists", including " commander of a group" 8/1

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    Media cell announce kil 77 "terrorists", including " commander of a group" 8/1

    Media cell announce killed 77 "terrorists", including "the commander of a group" in different parts of Iraq

    Long-Presse / Baghdad - Declared war media cell, Saturday, killed 77 "terrorists", including "the commander of a group" in the breakers Baghdad, Anbar and Salahuddin operations, and while confirming the dismantling of more than 190 explosive device and address, pointed to the implementation of aviation Iraq and the international coalition 31 sorties.

    The military media cell in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The security forces continue to cleanse Anbar province of terrorist gangs, so I was able today, killing 23 terrorists and destroy the cannon with wheel bearing improvised explosive devices within Albu Aath," noting that "Air Force directed to a two-stroke targets for terrorists within the eastern axis, leading to the death of six of them and the destruction of two wheels."

    The statement added, "The detachments handling explosives dismantled a booby-trapped house in the Straits area and the dismantling of 30 of an explosive device in Aath Po area, while the security forces were able to destroy six wheels carrying terrorist elements tried to get close to the embankment adjacent to the Euphrates River in the same area and destroyed three dens" .

    The statement pointed out, that "the Baghdad Operations Command has continued to today, and within the dawn of the vine process of cleansing on the vine and the surrounding areas and in association with Saraya and volunteers of the popular crowd and tribesmen those who care about and support from the Army Aviation and Air Force and Air International Alliance of and in coordination with the Anbar Operations Command of the Federal Police."

    The statement emphasized that "these operations have resulted in the killing of three terrorists and the destruction of the wheel bearing elements of Daash and killed them and grab excavators and destruction added to the enemy and killed them," pointing out that "other power of the Baghdad Operations Command has embarked on a security operation in the area (Allabsh- Rashad), resulted in the killing of the commander of the so-called terrorist groups in the region called (Abu Laila Halbusi), also destroyed and burned three caches and enemy machine-gun on one of the houses. "

    The statement said that "other power of the Baghdad Operations Command carried out the effectiveness of the security in the area (Aharkkawih) resulted in the discovery of four explosive devices and the bombing of a ruler and ten rounds 60 mm mortar rounds have been processed."

    The statement pointed out that "the leadership of the island were carried out today, the effectiveness of joint support from the army in modern aviation area resulted in the killing of nine terrorists burned and damaged two wheels carrying bombs and suicide bomb three wheels, and found 190 explosive device has been treated."

    It pointed out that "the strength of the anti-terrorism carried out today, in conjunction with the popular crowd and the duty to purge the Korean company in the refinery of Baiji, north of Tikrit, where the ground has been caught by the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd and secure the area."

    A statement by the media cell that "the power of the federal police managed to kill 12 terrorists and the burning wheel inside the Baiji refinery, while other police force carried out effectively in the Leine line area resulted in the killing of two members of the (Daash) tried to sneak across the berm security segments."

    The statement continued that "the leadership of the Air Force carried out today, ten sorties on the breakers all processes, while carried out the command of the army aviation three missions, as well as implementation of Aviation International Alliance of 18 sorties were flown at various cutters operations, which resulted in the killing of 24 terrorists and the destruction of 14 site to the enemy, including site Sniper, and the destruction of four wheels with materials to make improvised explosive Rchastein and snacks and a cannon. "
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