Protests over poor services in Basra 8/1
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Thread: Protests over poor services in Basra 8/1

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    Protests over poor services in Basra 8/1

    Protests over poor services in Basra

    Abu Dhabi - Sky News Arabic - Hundreds of residents of the southern Iraqi city of Basra on Saturday, in protest against repeated power outages and poor water situation, demanding the government to improve the level of services.

    He held more than 600 people during the protest banners in front of the governor's office to demand the dissolution of the chronic problems in the city of interruption of electricity and drinking water salinity.

    Said Sheikh Jassim Ramahi protester: "In my opinion all participating blocs failed so deteriorated services, and the strangest thing of this subject is that of pretending foisted and this is dangerous."

    The years after the invasion by the United States-led invasion of Iraq, the national network is still unable to provide electricity only for a few hours every day, bringing the cost to the companies as well as high temperatures in the summer.

    Protesters attributed the poor services "to government corruption" and waved banners critical of the political blocs in the country, according to news agency Reuters.
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