Parliamentary Finance demanding to wait to apply taxes on the mobile phone and the customs tariff

Saturday, August 1, 2015 - 10:56

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Parliamentary Finance Committee called on Saturday, the government has to wait to apply taxes on the mobilization of the mobile phone and customs duties on goods until the stability of the security and economic situation in the country cards.

A member of the committee MP Sirwan Abdullah for "Sky Press," that "the government has to take into account the current circumstances, especially the financial and economic crisis and the situation in the country is natural, and that does not make the citizen part of these crises," adding that "the government falling short of the right of citizens especially in the subject of infrastructure, electricity and other services. "

He added that "the time is not appropriate for the application of the tax on mobile phone services and some cards and customs tariff and duties on goods, particularly since the country is witnessing popular demonstrations to demand better services," calling on the government to "be patient about such decisions being detrimental to the citizen."

The government decided to apply the tax to mobilize the mobile phone cards and some services and customs tariff to support the federal budget.

The price of a mobile phone card category 10 000 dinars to 12 000 dinars, while 5000 dinars to 6,500 dinars card.