Bayati calls to respond to the demands of the people and the demonstrators taking into account public money

BAGHDAD - scales News - MP for the coalition of state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar al-Bayati, Saturday, responding to the demands of the people, noting it is a legitimate demands, and on the demonstrators into account public money.

Bayati said in a statement received / scales News / copy of "The demonstrations that swept in some provinces because of the high air temperatures and the lack of provision of electricity and other services that it is right and must be government institutions into account these demonstrations and to provide the best services to them, also stressed the need to overcome the electricity and services necessary problem the citizen, the citizen and the ministry 24-hour electricity is not required as far as demanding truth and consider each provinces into one. "

He expressed MP from the "dissatisfaction of some practices that were practiced by the security institutions or loyal to some of the political blocs in one of the provinces," noting "Although we do not accept from demonstrator to encroach upon the public money and at the same time has to be security institutions respect the demonstrators, listening to Mtalibh and met to the extent possible." .

He added that "can not be electricity supply to areas under the influence of Daash and spend their salaries and offer them services and Njavi the rights of present himself and their loved Okpadh to liberate the land of Iraq from the clutches of Daash and criminal gangs," stressing that "what came out reference yesterday was the right thing to take on the protesters and to provide the best services to him expressing delight everyone reference to obey orders, and they safety valve country from chaos ".

And cross-Bayati "optimism to find quick solutions to such problems and that what Iraq is suffering from scorching heat difficult to solve and it's repeated every year but must afford to heat are the most in the whole world," stressing "that the prime minister is interested in and follow up to these problems which interfere directly While there is much work to resolve it. "

"The Prime Minister has said categorically asking for the Minister of Electricity and find solutions quickly and be the solution, but will resort to granting the Minister of Electricity vacation compulsory for the self-dissolution of formats." It ended 29/4 e