Abadi receives a phone call from the Secretary General of NATO

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the impending Iraqi media (IMN) - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday received a phone call from the secretary-general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, where they discussed the security situation in Iraq and the region and train and equip Iraqi forces and NATO help for Iraq in its war against the terrorist gangs.

Where Mr. Amin al-Abadi told NATO during this call with the consent of the members of the alliance to contribute to the construction of Iraq's capabilities and develop its capabilities in military fields, vitality and provide full support to him.

As between Mr. Stoltenberg that NATO is working to develop policies to implement the action plan include the provision of military training and medical services within a period of six months in cooperation with the Iraqi government after placing important priorities in these areas.

For his part, thanked Abadi, secretary-general of the alliance on the move, which is very important to help Iraq and the region and the whole world in the effort to defeat terrorism and confront this serious challenge, as well as the development of military capabilities of Iraq and the consolidation of human rights principles and to contribute to the stability of the region.

Abadi pointed out that there is an urgent need to provide special demining improvised explosive devices that have long caused a lot of losses and hampered progress of the Iraqi forces setups, so this matter needs to be the vessels treatment, has been the secretary-general about the importance of processing this type of device as soon as agreed and the preparation of important priorities to help Iraq after discussion with members of the coalition.