Maliki's coalition: writer officially nominate for the presidency of the coalition and if not accepted, we are heading for elections

He confirmed a coalition of state law, on Friday, that the candidate for the presidency of the National Alliance Ali al-Adeeb, is acceptable to the majority of components of the coalition with the exception of the Supreme Council, which has another candidate, expressing his willingness replace it with another or resorting to elections to resolve the position in order to preserve the unity of the Alliance To meet the challenges that beset the country. She said a member of the coalition, Ibtisam Hilali, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "" the political body of the State of Law coalition, agreed on Tuesday evening, (the 29th of July the current 2015), during a meeting of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on the choice of Ali al-Adeeb of the presidency of the National Alliance " .
Hilali said, "The nomination will be presented to the writer were part of the National Alliance blocs, Kalohrar and the Supreme Council and virtue, and the tide of reform," unexpected "lack of consent of the Islamic Supreme Council, which is headed by Ammar al-Hakim, because it has another candidate."

She explained, a member of the coalition, led by Nuri al-Maliki, that "most of the parties to the National Alliance is satisfied with the nomination of the writer," indicating that the "coalition of the rule of law will present another candidate if the components of the National Alliance did not agree to the writer, or go to elections to choose a president."

She Hilali, that "the choice of president of the National Alliance is long overdue, and must resort to elections to settle the matter in order to prevent dispersion", that usually "the street need to unite the National Alliance to meet the challenges that beset the country."

The coalition of state law, new in, (the 28th of July present), confirm their eligibility under the chairmanship of the National Alliance, and while he is prepared replace its candidate for the post, Ali al-Adeeb, if they objected to it and other parties, or to resort to other options Calantkhab or rotating presidency, counting that the problem lies in the desire of the Islamic Supreme Council to nominate someone from outside Parliament for the post despite the inadmissibility of the legal fact that the alliance is "the largest parliamentary bloc."

The political blocs within the National Alliance, endorsed in, (the 21st of July the current 2015), there are differences "deep" on the presidency of the coalition, while emphasized the Islamic Supreme Council, that position became of the share of the National Coalition, after a coalition of state law for prime minister , he saw that the last choice of president should be done by election within the body of the alliance, or in line at a particular person should be deputies, while the Liberal bloc preferred to be chosen unanimously to preserve the unity and cohesion of the Alliance.

The National Alliance has emphasized during the last term intention to rewrite its rules of procedure in a way to make it "a solid institution" be able to meet the challenges and support the government being the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament, as it has 179 deputies.