The exclusion of "Abu Al Hail" and the nomination Alraheema and Thanked for the presidency of the Iraqi Media Network

Twilight News / source revealed early Friday for the exclusion of "Abu Al Hail" and the nomination of Abdul Halim Alraheema and Salim Mashkur to run Iraqi Media Network.He was placed source had said earlier to the nomination of the Dawa Party, member of the board of trustees Mujahid Abu Hail to the post of general director of the network. The Iraqi Media Network, one of the independent bodies in the Iraqi state, and accused the political parties call to dominate the policy and decision network Party. And heads the Iraqi Media Network Administration currently Mohammed carp candidate by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki since 2011. The source said the Twilight News, "It was excluded from Abu Hail final nomination as was all of Abdel Halim Alraheema and Salim Mashkur Media Network for the presidency of the nomination." Sources say that the forms had objected Abu Hail and respect of legal age, since the law requires the heads of the media network administration attainable age forty, while Abu Hail of his 36 years.
And it requires media, which recently passed in Prime Network Network Act, to be Iraqis, a fully qualified and completed 40 years old, hold a first university degree at least, his knowledge and interest in and experience of not less than ten years to areas relating to the functions and duties of the work in the network, is doomed a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, enjoying his competence and integrity required for the work of the network neutrality, not to engage in any activity partisan while working, not to be a member of any authority provided for by the constitution or by a government employee and that does not work in the civil media organizations during his tenure, not to be covered by the accountability and justice procedures.

And it had already been Abu Hail nomination for the post in more than one occasion, but that a consensus on it within the Dawa Party and some parties are not.

And preside over the Carp hit for a lot of criticism and accusations of indirect support for the policies of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki period.

Carp contract expires in October the current world, and authorized by law to move to work in the network board of trustees, but the source pointed out that the carp will apply to refer to retire.