Parliamentary provinces hold a conference next Monday to speed up the transfer of powers

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network's (IMN) - Committee of the Regions and the provinces parliamentary said, it will be held next Monday to prepare for a conference on the transfer of powers from the ministries to the provinces. Said committee member Ahmed al-Badri, Salal's (IMN) that he "did not stay on the age of decoding the government powers to local governments and appended to the law of only six days to be a law in force for all the provinces." And the collection of a coalition of state law 55 signatures to call for the withdrawal of judicial filed against Law 21 for the year 2013 to transfer powers from the central government to the provinces. Al-Badri, said that "the conversion of these powers will contribute by local governments in terms of implementation of projects and get away from the failures that get in the companies and the services provided to citizens."
The MP for the Iraqi List Raad Aldhlki earlier this month, the government will not be able to transfer its powers to the central and local governments due to the current situation, which is going through the country, pointing out that the Baghdad government is committed not to transfer those powers to the provinces.

Previous federal governments and formed committees in the Ministry of Education and Health and municipalities to convert their powers to local government.