"Mafias currency" transformed (6.9) billion dollars to Daash in Nineveh and Kirkuk

Baghdad, Iraq-Presse -31 July: despite the military campaign being waged against him by the Iraqi authorities and the international coalition, and despite tightening measures to dry up its financing, is still organizing Daash in Iraq has the financial resources to help him cover his expenses. Finance Committee revealed in the Iraqi parliament from the conversion of $ 6.9 billion for the areas occupied by the militants "Daash" through money transfer companies got on the amount of auction raised by the Central Bank of Iraq recently, and that despite the stringent security measures taken by the Baghdad government to besiege the military and financial regulation that.
A member of the parliamentary committee Hossam punitive The Committee demanded that some banks by providing them with the names of the banks sent but rejected, but the members of the Committee have obtained through their sources on the banks and the conversion adopted by the names.

Punitive He explained, "that the Finance Committee and the company found only one of these companies based in the Jordanian capital of Amman," adding that it "contributed indirectly in the transfer of such funds to the state organization for five months."

Parliamentary and added that "after careful follow-up information from some quarters discovered that a portion of these funds is transferred to the province of Nineveh, and enters a section in cash through the Kirkuk", noting that "most of these remittances be behind traffickers and money manipulative currency markets."

The organization "Daash" may start this year approved the first budget of his two billion dollars and a surplus of $ 250 million.

Currency auction

He is a member of the Legal Committee in the Iraqi Parliament full Zaidi "that the Baghdad government failed since year and a half in trapping financing organization" Daash "sources because of the mafias that manipulate currency auction."

Zaidi says, "The banking companies of up to 15 offices turned a big source of money dealers or banks benefited from the auction the central bank to others, was the discovery that the recent beneficiary of these resources is the organization".

The Zaidi, that "the Legal Committee tracked the cases of the conversion of these banks across the Jordan to the banks consignee," adding that "some quarters that prevent funds from private banks in Iraq take at least six hundred million dollars a month for its own account in exchange for converting huge amounts to the militants both in Kirkuk or Mosul. "

Iraqi economic Ammar Qaraghuli and see "that the organization has Daash capital is considered sufficient to cover its expenses, despite the expectation that the air strikes and the decline in oil prices will affect him."

Tax revenues

He adds Qaraghuli "regulation aims to make the bulk of tax revenues to income after other financial sources such as banks and oil stop."

Coalition forces led by the United States targeting the oil infrastructure of the organization, a private refineries, which led to a decline in oil revenues to about two million dollars a week, but the organization does not depend on oil as a source of financing it uses only a large part of it to run its mechanisms.

Previous oil sales show that the organization of the state was selling oil at discounted prices in the domestic market, it was found that the price of oil in Kirkuk, much less than the price of Mosul.

Iraqi economic and refers to "that salaries is the largest organization of state spending at all, ranging between three million and ten million dollars per month, and avoid investing money in infrastructure, because it could be an easy target for attacks by the coalition forces."

The organization also reduces costs paid by looting by military equipment and the confiscation of land and facilities, in addition to the pay relatively low salaries, and also reduces the possibility of continuing losses incurred Ptnqlh and expand its territory and Muslhh.anthy fueling operations.