Trillion dollars wasted on corruption in Iraq, al-Maliki era


Erbil, July 31 (PNA) - began the features of financial corruption in Iraq evident with the first 8 billion obtained by the Iraqis in the US administrator Paul Bremer time, in aid for the reconstruction of the infrastructure ravaged by bombs and missiles, the international coalition, but those billions disappeared and did not doomed known to today . As you get older water circles while receiving in the river stone, circles financial and administrative corruption grew to the extent that Iraq is at the forefront of the world's countries in terms of corruption, bribery and innovation phantom companies and projects that do not exist only on paper, according to the latest Transparency International report issued in July the past, which prompted a political and governmental character, and the first row in the current ministerial cabin that states that "Iraq has lost during the years of the rule of al-Maliki eight $ 1,000 billion (trillion dollars) without performing them something," and speech documented in a meeting televised and is located on the " YouTube, "the Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji.
Aleppo ministries

Under the previous government deployed the term "aliens", they are soldiers or officers who paid with half of the salary and the other half goes to their superiors in exchange for not their shift, as revealed the fall of Mosul and the failure of military leadership in its defense in front of "a handful" of terrorists, a military reality terrible is b "military positions to object sale" of it was, provided that more pay for men influential in the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Office, was that given senior positions for officers of the tenth grade, drop them Daash as "rumor" only, and not armed confrontations, and the high subject of their rank are scarce for the majority of World news agencies and television.

Indeed, the military was withdrawn on Civil fact, he says the former member of parliament, "Fattah al-Sheikh," you can be a minister, provided that progress "open instrument" for the party that has become these are the ministry or those of its stake.

Thus served important functions and functional centers Supreme persons are not qualified and non-qualified, the basic task is to make up for what they paid out of funds for the purchase of office, and the order of the benefits of it, which is what he calls the observers in Iraq, "Aleppo ministries."

Fish corruption of her head

Writes the former head of the Integrity Commission judge Musa Faraj, who chose to resign to engage with this trend, and A collection of books exposes them what he saw and what to touch and what could not be corrected, he says in his book "The Story of corruption in Iraq" that "the annual budgets of Iraq outweigh the budgets 5 neighboring countries combined: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, while the population of Iraq does not exceed one-third of Egypt's population, but the poverty rate in Iraq than the combined rates of poverty in those countries. "

He adds Faraj "first ministry in corruption is the Ministry of Defense, and the second is internal, followed by oil and electricity trade is health is and thousands of salaries phantom later renamed Balvdhaiaan, including 50 people in the Interior Ministry, and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers has described focal point of corruption in the government."

So it was surprised by the Parliamentary Integrity Committee solutions in Iraq ranked fourth among the most corrupt in the world ten countries according to the index of Transparency International, which covered 174 countries, and promised him expected.

The President of the Commission, Talal Zobaie, in a press statement, said that "Iraq issued for this mattress guide to the survival of the corrupt and their enjoyment of freedom, because of cases of corruption prevailing in Iraq, which was one of the reasons for the absence of the final accounts and the weak control over the institutions and projects."

The expectations of a growing deficit

According ambiguous mechanism accompanied by a lot of protest, the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on the country's public budget for the current year 2015 worth $ 115 billion, and a deficit of $ 22 billion, and the adoption of $ 56 per barrel of oil, and allocated them $ 26 billion for security and defense.

The Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives had predicted that the proportion of the deficit in the next year's budget in 2016 will exceed 30% in the case of the survival of Iraq's oil imports over the next year in 2016 as it was in the first half of this year.