Chalabi reveals Pictures: $ 10 million to develop a picture of al-Maliki in Beirut within his third mandate
Date: 07/31/2015

Palm-Lebanese newspaper "An-Nahar" revealed the huge sums of money were spent on the campaign for the former Iraqi Prime Minister "Nuri al-Maliki" in Lebanon.

The newspaper reported, a statement to the Chairman of the Finance Committee MP Ahmad Abd al-Hadi al-Maliki, who between that granting the Municipality of Beirut $ 10 million is a vacation approval to put a picture on both sides of the road Rafic Hariri Airport to the center of the capital.

They pointed out that the two images was put to one month during the campaign for the past Ontahabat period and Benoit that have been developed 200 large photocopy of a high-tech cost per image 10 000 dollars.

And it crossed the newspaper that these huge sums have been spent in Lebanon, let alone the rest of the nations, all of that for the third term did not partaken has lost 2014 budget.