Rubaie: Hosting minister in Parliament are subject to the settling of scores between political blocs

Special - scales News - P from the coalition of state law Rubaie, Thursday, hosting some ministers for negligence in their work within the parliament subject to a settling of scores between political blocs, noting that the parliament is unable to perform his work to monitor the work of government ministries. Rubaie said L / scales News / "The host some ministers accused of negligence in their work within the parliament subject to a lack of balance between the political blocs and to settle accounts between the mass and the other does not consider her professional and efficient door." He added that "the parliament he could be held accountable for negligence and sack ministers who have increased their numbers in Iraq for the past years." Rubaie pointed out that "the House of Representatives is unable to perform oversight of government action being determined by mass balances and all sensitive minister who belongs to it." The Committee on Energy and Oil Finance Committee and the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives hosted on Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Cabinet Bahaa al-Araji and Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi, Oil Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari to discuss the electricity issue and the deterioration of Taqh.