Parliamentary services threaten to terminate licenses of mobile phone companies


It threatened Services Committee and the parliamentary reconstruction, on Friday, ending the licenses of mobile phone companies in the event of tax imposed on its subscribers, as pointed out that the meeting will be held during the next two days to discuss the matter.
Said committee member Abdul Hussein Alazerjaoa, said that "the Commission services parliamentary follow-up to file communications and mobile phone companies, the fact that the case within the jurisdiction of Representatives," noting that "these companies evaded paying tax during fiscal years benefited from a constitutional vacuum, because there are hidden hands disrupted legislation" .
Alazerjaoa added that "taxes should be imposed on the companies themselves profit from the fictional, because the citizens had part of the taxes they added another injustice," adding "we may have to call the rival companies and the withdrawal of licenses from existing companies evacuated as a contract agreement."
Alazerjaoa stressed that "this file will be launched during the next two days in Committee and executive bodies to call up to stop the move", stressing the need to "stop these companies when alone."
The contacts "Asia Cell Company" sent today messages to its subscribers learning that he will be starting from tomorrow the collection and transfer amounting to 20% of the nominal value are installed on the scratch cards and electronic packaging for prepaid service and monthly bills for payment service deferred tax sales from sales tax Users, according to the ministerial order issued by the General Authority for taxes the Ministry of Finance to all mobile operators.