IMF offers $ 1.2 billion for Iraq

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The International Monetary Fund emergency aid to Iraq $ 1.2 billion to face the economic consequences resulting from organizing Daash attack and the deterioration of oil prices.
The IMF said in a statement seen by "obelisk", that "this loan will be repaid immediately, which would help Iraq in the face of this double shock suffered by the Iraqi state budget cuts have caused the cash reserves.
Mtsuhiro Vorosawa one Assistant Directors of the International Foundation wrote in a statement that "the double shock of the attack, the organization and the deterioration of world oil prices exacerbated the inability of the state in the form of serious and caused the reduction of international reserves."
The Fund said that this assistance will allow the face of Iraq "urgent needs" to finance the country.
The fund was awarded Iraq in 2010, credit line worth 3.5 billion dollars ended up in the beginning of 2013.