Al-Awadi: the National Alliance does not belong to a particular block, but the property of the majority

30/07/2015 10:51

Special direction Press
MP for the National Alliance Awad al-Awadi, on Thursday, that any party trying to weaken the National Alliance is a real problem and result in many things, among the alliance does not belong to a particular block because it is the king of the majority.

Al-Awadi said in an interview for the program "pillar" on the screen that displays the "direction" of space that the alliance form the majority vote, at the time pledged to uphold the mass of this alliance during the election campaign that led all the political blocs in 2014.

He noted that no blocks Alliance today difference and stir up trouble, because it will lead to a weakening of the alliance various limbs, indicating that no mass from outside the coalition could weaken it.

He said the National Alliance passed him afflictions, laws and went to community infrastructure or government and found that the coalition coherent and appeared united in the face of challenges, stressing in the event of problems as a crisis of electricity or the security situation, resolved depends on the cohesion of the coalition the fact that the prime minister from within, and thus the pressure on presidency To solve these problems and crises will be positive, but he also said: that today the coalition sunset on crisis resolution, because between the mass of problems, and this calls his boss to work on the Mlmth and make it a large organization working to supplement the government, adding that there are problems is not born of the moment, a competition about gains in , and the presidency of the alliance is the main problem.

It is said that, the presidency of the National Alliance remained vacant after the receipt of his former boss Ibrahim al-Jaafari as foreign minister in the current government.