Kurdistan is talking about forming a new coalition in the Iraqi Council of Representatives

Special scales News - Approved the National Alliance of Kurdistan, five, of political movements to form a new coalition "Kurdish" in the Iraqi parliament. A leading source in the alliance's / scales News /, that "there will emerge a new coalition of Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament," stressing that "does not exist for the Alliance of Kurdistan unified in the House of Representatives and all the Kurdish groups working alone. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, that "the party Barzani is seeking to form a new alliance between the Kurdish groups supporting him in the Iraqi parliament," pointing out that "this alliance is to move to the composition and there weightings directed by the mass change parliamentary him of opposition to the party Barzani. He noted that "the alliance will be announced in the case has been agreed upon by the politicians of the region. This testifies region strained in the political situation and the conflict between the blocs represented him in his government and the Iraqi parliament, while Kurdish bloc change other opposition insists on making the system of government in the Kurdistan parliamentary and isolate Massoud Barzani of the presidency of the region. It is said that he assured President of Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Mohammed Yusuf, said that the region is currently going through a delicate and particularly the issue of Kurdistan presidency, expressed his fear of the expansion of the crisis between the Department of Kurdish blocs representing the province in the House of Representatives Alaraca.