Shawki: draft powers of the President has the powers to the prime minister Law

BAGHDAD / integrity - said a member of the parliamentary legal committee Salim Chawki, on Thursday, that the draft law powers of the President include some of the powers of the prime minister about the meetings and protocols.

Said Shawki said in a statement that "the powers of the President of the Republic received exclusively in the Iraqi constitution, especially Article 73 of the Constitution and surprised by reading the draft, which was sent by the Presidency of the Republic that there are powers belonging to the Prime Minister with respect to the protocols of meetings issues and send clarify to the President of the Republic with spins in the Council of Ministers as there are required to give the idea of ​​the powers of the President of the Republic what is going on in the House and these things outside the powers of the President. "

He added that "some deputies demanded to reject the law while Rai was in the Legal Committee that he does not reject the law because it may be exposed to a lack of reading during the current semester, and demanded return the person to the presidency especially that of the President of the Republic legal advisers and they can bring out those powers of that draft and thus it is possible read the first reading. "

The National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati, has revealed the presence of some 15 articles unconstitutional powers of the President by law.

The head of the House of Representatives on Thursday Saleem al-Jubouri has decided to postpone the first reading of the law powers of the President, calling to address the Presidency of the Republic for the purpose of taking observations related to violations of the Constitution and corrected and then bring it back to parliament for legislation ".anthy 4