Commission fall of Mosul, searching its final report which will be forwarded to the Public Prosecution

Committee discussed the fall of Mosul, headed by parliamentary deputy Chairman of the Committee of quitting in the presence of the members of the Committee on Thursday, 30.07.2015 its final report to be submitted in the coming days to the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to read it in a special session and referred the public prosecution and the judiciary. He explained MP Zamili Chairman of the Committee at the meeting held constitutional Hall in the House of Representatives that the final report of the cause of the reasons for the fall of Mosul has been written once and for all and consists of a hundred paper, pointing out that consultation between the members of the continuous Commission to condemn negligence in the incident after provide full evidence to the Committee on Details and reasons for the incident. Zamili deputy governor stressed that the Commission will follow up the case until the final determination by the judiciary will not allow pressure on the decision to be taken against convicted according to the report to be submitted by the prosecution and the judiciary, which we trust his integrity.