House of Representatives finish reading the five bills and vote on the recommendations of the bombing investigation of Khan Bani Saad

Majlis deputies finished seventh in its session of the first legislative term of the legislature enacted the second, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 239 deputies on Thursday, 30.07.2015 the first and second readings of the five bills. At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri called for the heads of blocs decisively final position on the legislation laws it reached its final stages with the importance of resolving their opinions about it, noting that the ready-made laws of the vote are projects parties and the National Guard and the Federal Court and the amnesty and accountability, justice and labor and international conventions laws, stressing that the presidency of the Council will resort in the absence of agreement between the heads of blocs to put bills on the agenda to be resolved ..
Mr. Speaker pointed to the existence of the decisions of the Federal Court concerning the procedures followed in the House of Representatives, noting that next week will show the decisions on the Council to take the position in question, in advance at the same time thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives and the staff of the Council of assuming at work today despite the holiday granted by the Government due to high temperatures out of their public interest.

President al-Jubouri and between the committees of integrity, energy and financial holding important hearing yesterday in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and the ministers of oil, finance, electricity cost where the relevant parliamentary committees to submit a report to the House of Representatives to take the necessary decisions in this regard.

In response to the committees concerned on the signal Mr. Speaker exhibition about the hearing MP Ali Qubool vice chairman of the Energy Committee said that under the mandate of the Presidency to follow up the electricity issue has been the focus by listening to the technical and regulatory axis session was to inquire of the ministers concerned on the development of the sectors of electricity, oil, alluding to host inspectors and the ministries of oil and electricity for their work, noting that the report on the hearing will be ready within the next week will be as a direct follow-up file and stand on the most important violations in the work of the Ministry of Electricity.

He MP Talal Zobaie head of the Integrity Committee that the committees of integrity and energy felt Hosting inspectors Alamomcin and provide them with all previous contracts and projects lagging to know the extent of the damage inflicted on Iraqi citizens and waste money, adding that the committees of integrity and energy I wrote a joint the minutes with the concerned authorities to ensure the oil ministry's commitment to equip the Ministry of electricity to five million liters of fuel a day with the agreement to hold a meeting next Monday with the government's Energy Committee.

On the other hand Mr. Speaker announced that the Presidency has decided to offer all bills, amounting to more than 60 bill on the agenda during future meetings for the purpose of legislation.

For his part, Sheikh Hamoudi, first deputy head of the House of Representatives of the Council's keenness on legislation all the existing laws has accordance with the procedures and legislative contexts used, noting that all laws are read to determine the position in respect thereof without disabling any law or prevent its own legislation, denying the existence of any laws in the Council to include be disabled because of political differences are also traded in the media.

After the Council ended the first reading of the lawmaker ban the Baath Party and entities defunct law and parties racism and terror and infidels and submitted by the committees reconciliation and accountability, justice and security, defense and legal, which is part of the fact that the democratic system in Iraq based on political pluralism and peaceful transfer of power and activities and that's where the Constitution provides in Article 7 it should be legislation attend law under which each entity or program that adopts racism, terrorism or ethnic cleansing or atonement, or incites, facilitates, glorifies or justifies him, especially the Baath and its symbols under any name whatsoever.

President al-Jubouri and face the involvement of legal and human rights committees to review the bill and alignment with the previous draft laws in this regard in response to the political agreement and to move the process of balanced legislation.
Council completed the first reading of the draft Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission Act and submitted by the committees oil, energy, natural, legal and higher education and wealth for the purpose of establishing a specialized body to work in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy and ionizing radiation in industry, agriculture, health, power generation and management of water resources and the application of Tqanadtha and keep abreast of scientific developments and international technological in this area and support the process of sustainable development and preserve the rights of the Iraqi and the environment according to the mechanism of the International Atomic Energy Agency work.

Council and allergic first reading of the draft powers of the President and submitted by the law of the Legal Committee and brought back to the presidency of the republic due to the presence of illegal residues in the bill at the request of them.
The Board completed the second reading of the draft secretion of land and orchards located within the basic design of the city of Baghdad, municipalities and submitted by the legal committees, agriculture, water and marshes, services, construction and financial law.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, Rep. Joseph Saliwa pointed out that the bill hurt array of citizens calling for legislation laws are in the interest of the farmer.

She MP high Nassif support for the draft law with deliberation and approval in a way serving ripening find green spaces and wide in Baghdad, taking into account the consideration of the agricultural contracts.

I suggest MP Mahmoud B, by deleting the word orchards contained in the first article and also agricultural investments
He criticized the MP Yasser al-Husseini absence of technical design due to lack of well thought out plans, calling for the adoption of a future move to reconsider the private owners of agricultural contracts.

For his part, drew MP Jawad al-Bolani to the disappearance of entire provinces due to a technical defect, demanding to grant enough time for the second reading of the bill in order to maintain legal and modifying land.
I am surprised MP Arshad Salihi opposes the bill with the amendment to the law suits dealing with the treatment of land in the provinces without the other.

The MP pointed Ammar Tohme to the importance of finding a balance in the interest of achieving the public interest, taking into account the rights of private interest.

Turn MP Yahya Ithawi to the adoption of secretion within the specified two Baghdad acres and preserve the agricultural land, which includes palm trees.

And between MP Hassan Turan that the bill came to address the negatives in the decision issued in 1972, which does justice to a slice of land owners, calling for the postponement of the application of law in the provinces where conflicts property suits.
The MP stressed the importance of nostalgia Qadu that the law does not affect the green areas and is not confined only to the city of Baghdad.

In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed its readiness to consider the proposals submitted and examined, including fueling hurt in the bill and legislation.

In turn, Mr. President of the Council pointed out that the draft law is one of the important laws that can not be legislation only after taking the views of the relevant technical authorities, calling for hearings to maturation idea of ​​the project.
On the other hand, the Council voted on the recommendations of the security and defense committee on the bombing of Khan Bani Saad, its causes after the terrorist hosted security leaders and members in the Diyala provincial council.
The Commission concluded in its report that the reasons that led to the accident include the existence of differences between the political parties and the absence of the studied security plans by security officials as well as the existence of differences clan and weakness in Alastkhbarba side, as well as neglect to follow Alastkhabrah information and the lack of a database of collaborating with terrorists .

The committee recommended commissioned committee clans to go to Diyala with the importance of providing the province of Diyala, for detecting explosives and activating the supervisory role and the assignment of laggards in the crime and to compensate the families affected by the incident wheel.

The Board completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Republic of Iraq to amend the Unified Agreement for the Investment of Arab Capitals in the Arab countries for the year 1980 Act.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP Riad Ghraib he demanded passage of agreement being contribute to the search for investments to relieve the deficit and tackling unemployment and achieve substantial revenues for the state.

The MP Hassan Sinead, the importance of the Convention as contribute to the multiplicity of Iraq's economic resources but not limited to oil, calling on the Foreign Ministry to make efforts to persuade states to adopt the Convention.

And it showed the deputy Nora Albjara need to work on the follow-up in a number of Arab and foreign countries, especially the Iraqi investments that their situations unknown determination and revenues.

For its part, called on Rep. Ghaida Kmbh to vote on the treaties and conventions of international law in order for the House of Representatives recording observations on the agreements concluded and the extent of their usefulness and to ensure the rights of Iraq.

In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed taking remarks Ladies and Gentlemen of Representatives on fueling the bill for the economic interest of Iraq.

The Board completed the second reading of the draft law on the control of noise and sponsored by the Health Committee.
In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP said Abbas al-Bayati, the importance of follow-up measures to control the noise and determine who impose fines and Asthsalha.

She MP Birwan Khilani to the difficulty of applying the law on noise control for the time being without work on forming circles concerning public safety in the state institutions.

He said MP Mohammed Naji said the law encountered real obstacles linked to the situation in Iraq, which passes especially Maitalq electric power generators and raised the noise.

He called Zia al-Asadi to the inclusion of noise from transmitters and mobile phones law calling for the cooperation of state institutions in noise pollution in urban planning and the creation of new cities treatment.

For its part, it stressed the importance of the Committee on the Environment Ministry to inspect all noise sources and processed, noting that the Commission has given flexibility to those who will apply the law to 30 months.

And then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Saturday 08/01/2015
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Iraqi Council of Representatives