Parliamentary Finance confirms the continuation of the "central" to print new banknotes: will go within days

Special-scales News
Approved the decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Hama, Thursday, the central bank is constantly in the process of printing banknotes category 50 000 dinars to put forward in the Iraqi market early next month. He said Hama's / scales News /, that "it is possible to introduce new banknotes category 50 000 in the Iraqi market early next month after he managed the Central Bank of print," explaining that "the expansion of the scope of the private sector, one of the solutions that must be introduced to promote the economy Iraq ". He added that "2016 will see a new printing papers 100 000 dinars class to put on the market," noting that "the country needs to be run by the mixed sector first and then move to the stage of the private sector." He said, "The obstacles that hinder the work of the private sector in Iraq is very much the most prominent insecurity."
This said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Keywords earlier, that early 2016 will see the issuance of new categories of paper currency is the 100 000 dinars, the Iraqi currency notes series underlined that the new banknotes put revive the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, "