Office of the province: more than 230 ongoing project in Basra 7/30
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Thread: Office of the province: more than 230 ongoing project in Basra 7/30

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    Office of the province: more than 230 ongoing project in Basra 7/30

    Office of the province: more than 230 ongoing project in Basra

    Director of Project Management Department in the Office of the province of Basra, Mohammed Jaafar Taiwinh, Basra said to have 238 ongoing project, out of 746 project completed, the projects referred since 2013 until 2015, and as he emphasized that the preservation of passing financial position tragic and must pay about 3 trillion to Projects under way, the detection of a ministerial steering temporarily to stop any project Basra are unable to pay the financial dues.

    And between Taiwinh in an exclusive interview with Radio tow, it said those completed projects are distributed roughly as follows .208 project for the building sector, and 21 project to the Gaza sewage, and 52 of the bandits, and 57 to the Gaza municipality, and 60 project for the water sector, and the electricity sector 234 up to the project ".

    And ongoing projects more broadly, he said, which include education and health sector, 126 projects with a number, and 5 projects in the sewage sector, and 46 project to the municipal sector completion rates (good), and 13 projects in the water sector (and that includes the largest project in Basra, a water Shatt al-Arab project Great value of 44 billion and completion rates (good) will solve the water problem in the Shatt al-Arab for 10 years to come, "he said.

    In the health sector, he said Zubair General Hospital project exceeded a completion rate of 53%, is expected outfitted with equipment and supplies, and it is hoped that marks the completion of Advanced ratio this year.

    And the buildings sector (which includes health and education sector), said that in 2013 saw the completion of about 56 project, and in 2014 saw the completion of 78 project, and the remainder completed in 2015, up 74 project.

    And bridge projects, a bridge between the Hartha recorded his completion percentage of advanced and is expected to open after nearly four months, as well as the suspension bridge project to spend the Shatt al-Arab completion rate which advanced and is expected to be completed mid-2017.

    And on the draft direction, confirmed that he resolved legally in favor of the Office of the province after he was pulled from the company implemented because of foot-dragging and announced a referral about two weeks ago, and will end period receive bids until August 12, 2015, and then it is the study of the presentations, is expected to be referred to the beginning of the company next September for the existence of the provision of the project by about 330 billion, and is also expected after referral to come into effect after 6 months.

    As regard to the draft streams Zubair, said the Office of the province is still waiting for the promise of the Minister of Municipalities in the referral of the project to another company after it was withdrawn work from the company executed by the completion of approximately 28%, noting that the ministry can not be not to refer the remaining the 78% of the lack of financial liquidity in While it is not new project even waiting for financial allocation, but monitored his funds up to 104 billion, and can transmit it to a new company.

    Pointing to the formation of the governor of Basra committee membership concerned government agencies in local government and Zubair aim of the meeting with the Minister of Municipalities soon after getting promised to get to the final solution with the project for the first phase as well as discuss the implementation of the second phase of the project through the Office of the province and not the ministry.

    And financial benefits, said the former local government and the current forwarded draft amounts of up to 5 trillion dinars, which includes completed projects worth exchange funds and other in progress, stressing that the Office of the province need about 3 trillion dinars to pay the dues of those projects within the current year and next.

    He said the financial situation of the Office of the province Palmosawi, because the advance payment received from the central government amounting to 250 billion spent on ongoing projects to exceed the completion rate in which about 50%, while there are infrastructure projects of the Centre for other Basra has not acted with some dues reached completed to about 70% ratios in particular projects implemented by foreign companies.

    He said the automatic dues and as directed by the province spend by giving infrastructure projects (municipal, sewage, electricity, water) priority over other projects.

    He revealed Taiwinh for central guidance to all the provinces, serving a temporary stop for projects that fail to maintain the payment of dues until the provision of financial allocation.
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