Abdul-Mahdi's: Upcoming Visit of the region to discuss the obstacles 7/30/2015
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Thread: Abdul-Mahdi's: Upcoming Visit of the region to discuss the obstacles 7/30/2015

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    Abdul-Mahdi's: Upcoming Visit of the region to discuss the obstacles 7/30/2015

    Abdul-Mahdi's [where]: Upcoming Visit of the region to discuss the obstacles to the agreement, including the independent oil exports

    (Baghdad) - Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi revealed, for the resumption of the Kurdistan region to hand over amounts of its production of crude oil to the Federal marketing company SOMO] according to the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.

    Mahdi said in a statement told all of Iraq [where] Following hosted with other ministers today in the Committee on Energy and Oil parliamentary "We were a few days ago in Arbil to discuss the oil agreement and after the territory returned to deliver quantities of oil", describing these quantities "that La Paz where" without It shows how much quantity precisely. The last June the first month witnessed large independent sales since the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil in December 2014.

    He revealed Abdul-Mahdi for a planned visit by a delegation from the province to Baghdad to discuss the obstacles to the agreement, including the export of Kurdish oil independently.

    And the survival of lower oil prices without ambition attributed Abdul-Mahdi to several reasons, "including the financial crisis in Greece, nuclear agreement, but the most important causes is the lack of starting the Chinese economy and the Japanese and European enough."

    said Iraqi Oil Minister "Once you hear that the Chinese economy depart again you will see that oil prices will rise again . "

    and the power crisis in Iraq and the efforts of the Ministry of Oil to provide fuel for power plants expressed Abdul-Mahdi was optimistic of resolving the crisis "temporarily being the need to seriousness and responsibility more to solve these problems because it is accumulated and complex not resolved in one session or one decision it big structural issue that needs major repairs and many years and this is not about only financial Baahh. "

    He explained that "the problem is not in production but also in consumption and in all the time we increase its production also increases the distance between the demand and supply thus will continue the crisis if it did not also resolve the issue of consumption," adding "We have today tried to put some Solutions temporary but for the summer season and is less than that be strategic solutions to the crisis. "

    The Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi had visited Arbil on 25 of July of this and discussed with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, relations between the center and the region and issues related to the oil and energy and the need to address the problems between the two sides through dialogue and understanding.

    The crisis cell headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reviewed in its meeting on the 15th of this month, "put delivery oil amounts of the Kurdistan region's oil and entitlements and emphasize the need to adhere to its terms, according to the contents of the federal budget for the 2015 law to take over the oil minister follow up on this agreement file. "

    The federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government has concluded an in 17 of the December 2014 oil agreement to export the region 250 000 barrels of production with 300 000 barrels of the province of Kirkuk fields in exchange for pay Baghdad Kurdistan's share of the federal budget by 17%.

    faced agreement difficulties since then where accused Baghdad Erbil transfer quantities of oil were lower than those agreed upon, while Erbil said that Baghdad pay less than half of the amounts due, but did not announce any of the parties to terminate the agreement, and continued exchange of blame between them since Osabia.

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