Us marines burned corpses o4 fallujah no misconduct 7/30
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Thread: Us marines burned corpses o4 fallujah no misconduct 7/30

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    Us marines burned corpses 04 fallujah no misconduct 7/30

    US Marines Burned Corpses In Fallujah In 2004 For Sanitary Purposes, No Misconduct Found, Investigation Indicates

    International Business Times - U.S. Marines burned corpses of insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004 for health and safety reasons, and not in violation of any regulations or laws, the U.S. Marine Corps said Wednesday. Its comments came a year and a half after it launched an investigation into dozens of photos showing Marines in Fallujah lighting dead bodies on fire. The photos were first published by the gossip news website

    The investigation was opened and closed in 2014, but it was not until Wednesday that the Marine Corps shared its findings with the public, after a retired Marine filed a Freedom of Information request.

    The Marine Corps determined that “the burning of remains did not violate any orders, rules of engagement or international laws or conventions,” said Maj. Christian Devine, a spokesman for the Marine Corps, Stars and Stripes reported. “No charges were preferred as a result of the investigation into this matter,” he added. Some 20 percent of the two combat teams fighting in Fallujah at the time became sick because of poor sanitation, attributed at least partially to the presence of thousands of corpses that were decomposing in the 100-degree-plus heat.
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