82 terrorists killed, including 20 suicide bombers, mostly in Anbar 7/30
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Thread: 82 terrorists killed, including 20 suicide bombers, mostly in Anbar 7/30

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    82 terrorists killed, including 20 suicide bombers, mostly in Anbar 7/30

    82 terrorists killed, including 20 suicide bombers, mostly in Anbar

    Harbi media cell today announced Thursday, 07.30.2015, killed more than 82 terrorists in various operations in the breakers, mostly boycotted Anbar.

    He said the cell statement, PUKmedia got a copy of it: that the Anbar Operations Command and the continued liberalization of maintaining the process of Conception terrorist gangs, which began its progress toward the Po bridge Aath to cleanse the highlands there, and progress toward the highway, and the results were dismantling 30 of an explosive device and treatment wheel type Kia booby-trapped, and killed 9 terrorists, to that destroyed Flight Air Force in the Gaza operations Anbar monocrystalline Daash in Aath Po area, this and the progress of our units, continuing toward achieving its goals still, it was the security of our quality process through which foiled an attempt exposure to pieces located near the Olympic stadium, where managed to kill 20 bomber as well as the sources of fire silence he had supported the suicide bombers, as security forces foiled an attempt to target her hand hill Asad Haider and killed a number of terrorist elements.

    The statement added that the federal police force able to terrorist killed one in the Straits area and killed two terrorists in East Husaybah area, and through an elaborate ambush federal police forces of the elements of Daash managed to burn wheel and killed two terrorists were inside, with detachments continue to address the explosives to open the road Tel Msheehdh where I managed to destroy 26 local explosive device made, and cleared a house booby-trapped before the block line "axis of Nasser" and dismantled five cosmetic containers, and the Federal Police continued monument Kmainha where I managed to burn wheel and killed two members of Daash were inside in Sector Anbar operations.

    He continued: In the Baghdad Operations Command boycotted leadership has continued within the dawn of the vine process of cleansing on the vine and the surrounding areas and in association with Saraya and volunteers of the popular crowd and tribesmen those who care about and support from the Army Aviation and Air Force and Air International Alliance of and in coordination with the Anbar Operations Command of the Federal Police, and the results of its activities : 3 terrorists were killed and the destruction of wheel bearing terrorists and kill those inside and grab excavators, and the destruction of nests 4 of the enemy and killed them. To another force that carried out the Baghdad Operations Command, the effectiveness of the security arm of the Tigris in the area that killed 18 terrorists and the destruction of the wheel carrying a machine-gun to Daash.

    The statement added that the leadership of Salah al-Din effectiveness of security operations carried out in the area "Persians appointed palace tree" that killed 13 terrorists, adding, either the leadership of the Tigris operations have been implemented effectively in the regions "Sndeg or deer Po Po Perhaps you Chanchal great Jubair "resulted in the burning of two wheels and three motorbikes belonging to the terrorist elements Daash and found 40 kilograms of material CIA once.

    He pointed out that the leadership of the island were carried out effective in conjunction with the crowd clan in "Alskrh water project areas corner Baghdadi" that killed two terrorists and another wounded, and found 84 explosive device have been processed, with the destruction of 4 wheels bomb and 3 warehouses for weapons and grab 16 platform to launch Katyusha rockets and 40 Katyusha rockets, as well as cleansing the village farm and village burning and fixed Alskrh wheel bearing PKC machine guns and two boats of the enemy in the other side of the Euphrates River.
    And complete, that the leadership of Babylon operations carried out security effectiveness in "Musayyib stores group formerly zone" resulted cleanse store and raising different species explosive and damaging another, explaining that the leadership of Iraq operations managed during a security operation in the "Kut" area of ​​Aalosor remnants of war damaged a About 12 mines against persons have been processed.

    The statement added that prescriptive Headquarters dominant / Infantry Brigade 17 carried out the detachments effective in Mr. Greer / Kuwaiti River area resulted in the discovery of 40 explosives have been processed, as well as clear a number of ways, stressing that the leadership of the air force carried out 13 sorties on the breakers all processes The leadership of the army carried out the flight carried out 36 sorties in all processes breakers.

    He concluded that the international aviation Altaf carried out 24 sorties on different cutters operations, which resulted in the killing of 10 terrorists, 21 locations and destroy enemy bunkers, 6 and 9 and mortar locations and an explosive belt and an excavator and 3 wheels

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