Customs tariff application centers starting next Saturday 7/30
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Thread: Customs tariff application centers starting next Saturday 7/30

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    Customs tariff application centers starting next Saturday 7/30

    Customs tariff application centers starting next Saturday 7/30

    Thwarting two attempts to enter the narcotic pills and foodstuffs corrupt

    Basra Saad al-Sammak, General Administration of Customs confirmed its readiness to implement the pricing tariff law on imports through border ports of the country, to be implemented from next Saturday, at a time when the elements of Customs Safwan border Directorate foiled in the province of Basra , two attempts to enter the narcotic pills and food unfit for human consumption coming from Kuwait.

    General Customs chief engineer Hakim Jassim Al-Hassan said in a statement the "morning": that the authority has completed all administrative and accounting preparations to amend the fees rates in accordance with the pricing of the tariff law in all customs centers in ports, airports and border crossings Albraih.wachar that the law which was approved by the House of Representatives in 2010 has been postponed action whereby the request of the former central government, until a settlement with the Kurdistan region to be applied at border crossing points for Akulaim.wachar Hassan to train employees of the centers and the Angels Directorate on how to deal with these computational variables, to maximize the economic resources of the state and protect the national economy from dumping commodity bad, and to ensure the smooth completion of customs formalities as soon as.

    He explained Hassan said Iraq is the first country to operate tariff number Law (77) of 1955, which remained in effect until the year 2004 when it was canceled by decision of the President of the Government Coalition Provisional at the time, Paul Bremer, and replaced it charges the reconstruction of Iraq, pointing out that the application of this law will result in a range of benefits, such as encouraging the private sector to run small and medium-sized plants, indicating that the rate of duty starts from the exempt to 20 Palmih.ostdrick Director of Customs, he said: that the law is not without some drawbacks that need to be addressed to protect consumers and local markets, without referring to it.

    The government has issued the end of the month of June a decision to apply the tariff system on imported goods As of August , but that ran into opposition from among traders and some economic entities that divided between supporters and opponents of the application, as he emphasized the economic expert resident in the Gulf Majed Hilal, that the application of the tariff will unite fees imposed on commercial imports for countries Meanwhile, Director General of the Association revealed Customs for enabling a group of employees of the Customs Center Safwan in Basra province, from foil two attempts to enter the narcotic pills food items damaged to come to the country from Kuwait, through Safwan Alhdodi.ozkr that port first was an attempt to enter pills narcotic hidden inside cans of chocolate, the Iraqi holder arrest nationality, while the second was aimed at introducing the amount of expired food to the country, and was also the Indian nationality holder arrest.
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