Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – July 30, 2015
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Thread: Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – July 30, 2015

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    Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – July 30, 2015

    Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – July 30, 2015

    No one can replace Massoud Barzani now: Mahmoud Othman
    Baghdad: A leading Kurdish politician and a former Iraqi parliament deputy Mahmoud Osman believes there is currently no person to replace Iraqi Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani and the president’s term should be prolonged. Osman told AIN news agency that there is no one to replace Barzani now and the Kurdistan Region and Kurds’ interests stipulate Barzani’s remain in power. Barzani’s prolonged term end in August and most parties in the Kurdish region are against extending his term for more years. Osman went on to say that the region’s political system is neither parliamentarian nor presidential but a party system and parties decide the fate of the region and none of parliament or president can decide the fate of the region. |

    Peshmerga issues a general amnesty for Islamic State members on a condition
    Erbil: Peshmerga Kurdish forces said on Thursday, a general amnesty for members of Islamic State group (IS) who want to leave its ranks and return to their families without legal prosecution if they are involved in murder and slaughter crimes. The commander of Kirkuk in Peshmarga forces , Westa Rasool told VOA that any IS militants willing to lay down their arms, can return to his family without any legal prosecution. The amnesty does not include Peshmerga forces militants who were arrested during the fighting and are now being held in the prisons of Kurdistan region. The member of Kurdistan Parliament for Change Movement, Beston Faeyq said that the amnesty includes the militants who are not convicted and have no claims or legal complaints registered in courts. Many young Kurdish militants have joined IS group ranks, it is not known that this amnesty of Peshmerga forces will contribute in turning themselves in or not. |

    Protests in Darbandikhan due lack of service
    People of the Kurdish town of Darbandikhan in Slemani province have protested due the lack of service in the town, NRT Tv reported. According to TV footage seened by Ekurd daily protesters set fire to tyres on the main road asking to imporve the services in the city.

    Iraqi Kurdistan government declares 4-day holiday over severe heatwave
    Baghdad: Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government has declared a 4-day mandatory holiday beginning Thursday and ends on August 2, as temperatures are set to soar above 45 degrees Celsius, the NRT reported.

    Member of Iraq’s Parliamentary Integrity Committee reveals top former officials salaries
    Baghdad: A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP , Taha al-Defaee revealed “fictional” pensions granted to the heads of the Republic, the Parliament Speaker and former MPs. A member of the Committee , Taha al-Defaee stated that the monthly salaries granted to the heads of the Republic after 2003 is $87,000 (100 million dinars) a month to former President, Ghazi Ajil al-Yawar while the former President , Jalal Talabani is $74,000 (85 million dinars) per month. He added that “the salary of former Parliament Speaker, Hajim al- Hassani is $60,000 (70 million dinars) a month and the same amount for his former successors , Iyad al-Samarrai and Mahmoud al-Mashhadani.” He said that “vice-presidents of the Republic and the Parliament Speaker receive pensions close of these amounts.” The member of the parliamentary and integrity commits revealed “the existence of between 400 and 600 people as bodyguards of these officials making up 18 military battalions,” stressing that “the committee will consider these salaries.” |

    Nechirvan Barzani Barzani calls on UN to supervise oil exports
    Erbil: Iraq’s Kurdistan Region PM Nechirvan Barzani has called on the United Nations to monitor the region’s oil exports to Turkey, saying he’s ready to visit Baghdad for further talks with the Iraqi central government. On Wednesday July 29th Barzani met with German ambassador to Iraq Ekkehard Brose and a German government delegation in Erbil. During the meeting, the German envoy expressed a desire to see recent issues between Erbil and Baghdad resolved and said the federal system is the best system for Iraq. Barzani agreed that the Kurdistan wishes to solve its issues with Baghdad through dialogue and for that he’s ready to visit Baghdad and meet with Iraqi leaders. He also invited the UN to monitor the Kurdistan Region’s oil exports to Turkey. |

    Qubad Talabani: There is no affiliation to a country called Iraq
    Erbil: Kurdistan deputy PM, Qubad Talabani stressed that the Government of the Region and all Kurdish parties are making every effort to resolve the political and economic problems in Iraq, but pointed out there is no affiliation any longer to a state called Iraq and that independence is a legitimate right of the people of Kurdistan. Talabani said during a meeting in Erbil with the German ambassador to Iraq, Eckhard Baroza that “We Kurds In spite of our active participation in the construction of the Iraqi government , we have made so far all efforts for the survival of democratic federal Iraq but it is clear to everyone that the issue of Kurdish independence is a legitimate right of the people of Kurdistan.” He added that “there is the fact that there is no unified Iraq and there is no affiliation to a State called Iraq as much as they are affiliations of the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.”… |

    Some Kurds angered at Turkish attacks on PKK, accuse US of betrayal
    Washington: Kurds took to social media to express their frustrations at Turkish air strikes on its Kurdish opposition, with many accusing Washington of giving Ankara the green light for attacks in return for use of a strategic air base. In online postings, Kurds accused US President Barack Obama of allow Turkey to bomb the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in return for use of the Incirlik airbase in Diyarbakir for the war against the Islamic State (IS) group. Rudaw posted a question on its Facebook page on Tuesday, asking if there is a connection between the PKK bombardment that Turkey has carried out since Friday, and permission to the US to use Incirlik. The question generated nearly 200 responses from Kurds and Americans who believe Obama betrayed the Kurds, while the Americans apologized on behalf of their country to the Kurds. Miran Ali Jaff wrote online that, “Absolutely, the US gave green light to Turkish regime in order to strike ISIS also PKK too.” Haveen Taher posted: “For everyone, we Kurds have no friends!” Meanwhile, Kava Rostami urged Kurds to unite in the face of the challenges. “We all Kurds should know we don’t have friends and this is the time we should all unite together and be one,” he wrote…

    Kurdistan exports through Baghdad last month earned $140m
    Erbil: The Kurdistan Region exported more than 4 million barrels of oil through the Iraqi government last month and received 166 billion Iraqi dinars ($139.5 million) in return, Iraq’s finance minister said Wednesday. Hoshyar Zebari made the comments in a meeting Wednesday with Aram Sheikh Muhammad, deputy speaker of the Iraqi parliament, whose office released the minutes of the meeting. The autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraq’s central government in Baghdad have been at loggerheads over oil exports. “Last month the Kurdistan Region exported 4.4 million barrels of oil through SOMO Marketing Company, Baghdad in return sent 166 billion Iraqi Dinars to Kurdistan region,” Zebari said in the meeting. “An attempt was made not to send the Kurdistan region any money, therefore it is important for the Kurdistan region to continue exporting oil through SOMO,” added the minister, who is himself a Kurd. Over the oil dispute, the Iraqi government had cut payments to the KRG from the national budget.
    Zebari also told the deputy speaker that, “Today, Wednesday, the Kurdistan region sent 579,000 barrels of oil to SOMO, and this is a good step.”…

    Attack shuts down Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline carrying Kurdish oil
    Erbil: The Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline, which transports crude from the Kurdistan Region to Turkey, has been shut down due to sabotage, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said Wednesday. The pipeline was bombed in Turkey’s Kurdish province of Sirnak in the southeast, according to information by the Turkish Energy Ministry. “We have shut down the pipeline after an explosion to stop the oil flow. We have taken the necessary steps and the attack will not impact supply and demand,” said Yildiz. He explained that Turkey’s energy installations were under attack by terrorists who are targeting the country’s stability and development. A similar attack targeted the Turkey-Iran natural gas pipeline on Tuesday in Agri, a Kurdish province of Turkey on the border with Iran. On Wednesday, the official website of the armed wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey, the People’s Protection Forces (HPG), claimed its forces had carried out a sabotage operation in the area between Silopi and the Cizre district, both in Sirnak, where the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline passes.

    Turkish envoy briefs Barzani about raids, anti-terrorism campaign
    Erbil: Feridun Sinirlioglu, Turkey’s Turkish Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, met with Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on Wednesday, briefing him on Turkey’s agreement with the United States to step up its war against the Islamic State group (ISIS), the Kurdistan presidency’s website reported. “Turkey’s goal is to defeat ISIS, the return of Syrian refugees to their homes, and delivering humanitarian assistance,” said Sinirlioglu. “Turkey values the Kurdistan region and considers it a factor for the stability and development of the region. We will continue developing our relations with Kurdistan region,” he added. Turkey has launched air raids and artillery attacks on PKK military camps in the Iraqi Kurdistan region since Friday, simultaneously with a nationwide crackdown on suspected jihadis…
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