People Panicked by Turkish Airstrikes in Iraq: Iraqi Foreign Minister
Ankara must inform and coordinate with Baghdad before conducting any operation, al-Jaafari says

Basnews | Sardar Sattar views 30.07.2015 13:59

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has expressed official concerns to the Turkish ambassador over the recent airstrikes in northern Iraq.

Al-Jaafari received Turkish Ambassador Farooq Qimaqachi in Baghdad on Tuesday 28th July. They discussed the Turkish military operations in the border areas around Iraq and Turkey.

Turkey launched several airstrikes on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas last week.

The Iraqi central government has major concerns as the Kurdish guerrillas are based in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq, and the assaults are violating the territorial integrity of Iraq.

Al-Jaafari told Qaimaqachi that strikes could result in the death of civilians and damage to the area “which make people feel unsafe and panicked”.

“In order to conduct any military operations in this region, Turkey must inform and coordinate with Baghdad first,” he added.

The Iraqi foreign minister stressed that his country supports security and stability in Turkey.