Minister of Transport: Seven companies submitted bids for the construction of the port of Faw and we have no problems with the Kuwaiti side

Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, on Wednesday, the seven international companies have submitted bids to the ministry in order to build the port of Faw, and while pointing to the existence of the criteria for the selection of the best deals, he noted the lack of problems with regard to the port of Kuwait. And Bayan Jabr said during a press conference held at Baghdad International Airport and attended by, the (long-Presse) that "despite all the difficulties facing our business but we Saon in the completion of the most important projects, especially Faw port project, which we hope to make it the largest in the region." It promised that "the seven international companies bidding today for the construction of the port and reviewed the projects that have worked out in the countries of the world," noting that "among these companies the French company that is one of the best ten companies in the world and was present to get this giant project."
The al-Zubaidi that "our criteria for selecting companies and will choose the best because we dream the biggest port in the region to build because the preliminary designs indicate that the larger," pointing out that "this port was going towards funding by the Iraqi state, but the financial crisis suffered by the country made us go towards investment. "

He promised that "we do not have any problems with the Kuwaiti side in regards to this port," stressing that "this Manaana in our territory."

The Minister of Transport that "Proposals companies will continue for a whole month and can progress to any company and review its capabilities and technologies in regards to the construction of ports," noting that "the cost of speculative of the port is between nine to ten billion dollars."

Zubaidi said that "the ministry has a rail investment projects (Falmjh- Basra) and Railway (Najaf- Karbala) and made two companies for these projects."

The Ministry of Transport announced, in, (March 30, 2015), put forward a draft port of Faw as an opportunity for investment all qualified investors who wish to invest the project under the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, and the regulations and instructions thereto, and showed that this comes within the Ministry of Transport policy to promote investment and employment Joint enterprises in the ministry.

The Ministry of Transport and placed in the (April 2011) the past, the foundation stone for the project of Faw port, which indicate his designs basis to contain berths for containers 39 thousand meters long, and berths another length of 2,000 meters, as well as an arena for containers with an area of ​​more than one million m 2, and several other Square -purpose area of ​​600 thousand m2, as of the capacity of the port 99 million tons per year, while the total cost for the establishment of four billion and 400 million euros, and it is hoped that the connection port line railway linking the Persian Gulf through Iraqi ports in northern Europe through Turkey.

The maximum capacity of the port to 99 million tons per year, with an estimated total cost of the project by four billion and 400 million euros.