Liberals and the citizen of Gaillan Abadi: We will support our agreements with the Sunnis and Kurds in parliament in isolation from allies

Some parties of the National Alliance does not hide its displeasure of some of the decisions of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, affirming that the latter taken in isolation from the leadership of the alliance. And threaten the Shiite parties to tackle Ebadi if it continued its uniqueness not to return to the National Alliance. It recognizes these parties that the Shiite alliance's failure to shift to political institution of the State Administration but managed to choose the Prime Minister only. She says some parties of the National Alliance, he is in an embarrassing situation after Disclaimer Shiite parties to what has been agreed upon in the national paper with partners Sunnis and Kurds. But Shiite parties agree that intersections within the National Alliance is not enough to break up his contract, and confirms Taoelha on the position of religious authority in Najaf to curb the intentions of breaking up the largest bloc Hieih.otakhtlv Shiite alliance about the "scenario" best suited to end the differences that surfaced recently about the presidency of the bloc forces , and the movement in the southern provinces, and what the implications alluded to the leader of the Supreme Council, which was interpreted as a declaration of a "new alliance" instead for the National Alliance.
Abadi negotiate independently of the coalition
, says Prince Kanani, member of the Political Commission of the National Alliance, that "more coherent by the coalition and could then choose Abadi to express meltdown phase."
But Kanani, in connection with the (range), says that "the coalition managed to form a government and failure in the transition to a political institution for the management of the state ", and could not continue the dialogues administration, as it was in negotiations that preceded the formation of a government Abadi stage.
He adds the leader of the Liberal bloc, "al-Abadi began to negotiate instead for the National Alliance", adding that "the oil agreement with province Kurdistan to know its political body, and concluded in agreement with the Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi. "
emphasizes Kanani said that "al-Abadi if continued in this way will not destiny and find less than the previous government will stop its support." Counselor in the Presidency and the attributes of the National Alliance inability to achieve its objectives to "the existence of various ideologies within the coalition as well as giving priority to some self-interests and not convinced some of his presence within the coalition, and his sense that he is forced to float within the coalition."
demonstrates Kanani on Shiite differences - Shiite b "objection Some of the blocks on the agreement that has been agreed upon by the formation of a government-Abadi, as the voice of opposition rose while the agreement to the laws received Parliament projects items turned. "
stresses a member of stream Liberal saying, "We in the Sadr movement and the citizens will continue to support the agreement with the Sunnis and Kurds in parliament regardless of the for parties other coalition position. "
What is the wise?
and on the backgrounds final of the National Alliance, the wise positions, Kanani says, "It's an invitation to the patch and the restructuring of the alliance was not intended fragmentation," stressing that "differences over the presidency of the Alliance is not of strategic issues because the president carries on organized and had no powers and can be Jaafari survival in the cluster administration. " And the face of al-Hakim, during Eid al-Fitr sermon, strongly criticized the government continues to grant the Agency's grades, and also criticized the calls to change the system of government to a presidential.
Hakim warned of pushing the "popular crowd" in political conflicts, and expressed his regret for the behavior of others, which makes it the "National Alliance Foundation reluctant and helpless. " He warned that al-Hakim of the stream martyr Mehrab will resort to alternative options to strengthen the National Alliance.

Movement in the southern provinces?
attribute the leader of Sadr's what happened in the south of the mobility and political differences within some local governments, which led to the burning of some of the headquarters of the Supreme Council in Basra, as "a product of the disintegration of the rule of law in the south after the formation of the Government of Abadi."
He continues, Kanani his speech by saying " In Najaf, 9 members of the state law, the dismissal request and all the conservative movement in the southern provinces is responsible for the rule of law is the basic engine him, "But he said," We support this movement because we certainly we were marginalized in those provinces. " The province of Basra witnessed sharp differences turned into a heated confrontation between the Supreme Council, mass conservative, and the mass of Badr, one of the components of the rule of law, against the backdrop of mutual accusations in accumulated in Basra waste and spending money for projects issue without the knowledge of the provincial council.
The protesters burned the deterioration of services based follower of the Supreme Council in the district of the city north of Basra, after forces are said to have opened a mass citizen fire on demonstrators and killed a demonstrator and wounding two others.

Free in Basra and not the coalition!
But the leader of the Dawa Party, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar gives another explanation of what witnessed in the southern provinces, he says that "the free and poor services contributed to unleash events in Basra."
He added Jaafar, told the (range), that "the political movement in Wasit, Nasiriyah and other provinces does not mean that a reflection of the differences within the National Alliance and its transition to the provinces but it is motionless because of poor services. "
confirms leader of the coalition of state law that the "National Alliance is still intact because the religious authority in Najaf considered a guarantee to prevent shredding."
In the opinion Jaafar said Hints Hakim on secession for the National Alliance "threat for the presidency of the coalition but it stopped short of schism."