Parliamentary energy carrying Baghdad and Erbil prejudice to the responsibility of the oil agreement and describes Basra as "oppressed"

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

It carried the Parliamentary Committee on Oil and Energy, on Tuesday, the government and the central government of the Kurdistan region of prejudice to the responsibility of the oil agreement as a result of "lack of trust" between the two parties, and as confirmed by the province to sell oil independently, described the province of Basra to "oppressed". The Chairman of the Committee said Ares Abdullah, in an interview with the program "a quarter of an hour," which aired Alsumaria TV, "There is outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil because of the lack of confidence between the parties", blaming the parties responsible for "disturbing the old agreement." Abdullah added, that "the Kurdistan oil exports rose in May to more than 500 thousand barrels, and at the end of the month, the federal government did not send a full entitlements of the region, and then began the last export oil up to 600 thousand barrels," asserting that "the Kurdistan oil currently sells independently , but the agreement with the oil and apply it. " On asked about the possibility of the Basra oil export independently Abdullah replied, that "the oppressed of Basra, which should be demanding their constitutional right." The Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi arrived, on the first Sunday (July 26, 2015), to Erbiland met with Massoud Barzani to discuss the oil agreement between the center and the region, while considered the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary visit as an attempt to apply the oil agreement or deal a new formula that satisfies the parties all. The Council of Ministers decided, in (2 December 2014), to approve the oil agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region which provides for the delivery of the region no less than 250 thousand barrels of oil a day to Baghdad for the purpose of export, after reaching the Kurdish delegation headed by Nechirvan Barzani, with Iraqi government an agreement on the region's share in the budget and export of oil.