Maliki's coalition presents alternatives to Achtaarrias Alliance: al-Jaafari will remain for the disposal of Aloamal..ualbdel from inside Parliament

New coalition of state law, led by Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, on Tuesday, confirm their eligibility under the chairmanship of the National Alliance, and while he is prepared replace its candidate for the post, Ali al-Adeeb, if they objected to it other parties or resorting to other options or Calantkhab rotating presidency. He promised that the problem lies in the desire of the Supreme Islamic Council to nominate someone from outside Parliament for the post despite the inadmissibility of the legal fact that the alliance is "the largest parliamentary bloc."
The leader of the coalition of state law, Salah Abdul Razak in an interview for the (long-Presse) that there are "options on the table several on the selection of the President of the National Alliance, including the election by secret ballot, or the rotating presidency," noting that "the problem lies in the desire of the Supreme Council for the nomination of a person from outside the parliament for the post despite the inadmissibility so legally. "

Abdul Razak added that "the parliamentary bloc of the National Alliance, progress itself being the largest in the House, and not a private foundation, "adding that" the head of the government cost of the National Alliance, so it can not be its chairman from outside the parliament. "
The leader of the coalition, which is headed by Nuri al-Maliki, that "the problem of resolving the presidency of the Alliance National whether the figure is possible to substitute for the writer of the post of the nomination, "he continued," If the case related to reject any candidate of a coalition of state law, this is unacceptable because it is the largest within the National Alliance bloc should take its due, "according to his opinion.
He said Abdul Razak said "Ibrahim al-Jaafari will remain at the head of the National Alliance for the conduct of business, for while choosing his replacement, despite the complexities of diplomacy file which is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," denying "the possibility of the resignation of al-Jaafari of Foreign Affairs and survival at the head of the National Alliance, as some believe."
The current foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who heads a coalition of national reform, he held the presidency of the National Alliance for the past four years.
The political blocs within the National Alliance, acknowledged in (21 from the current July 2015) and the existence of differences "deep" on the presidency of the alliance. While the Islamic Supreme Council confirmed, that position became of the share of the National Coalition (a coalition of blocs of the citizen and the Liberal), after a coalition of state law for the prime minister, he saw the latter that the choice of the president should be done by election within the body of the alliance, or in line at a particular person should be deputies, while the Liberal bloc preferred to be chosen unanimously to preserve the unity and cohesion of the Alliance.