Parliament hosts Araji and finance ministers, oil and electricity on the electricity crisis

Twilight News / Committees energy and integrity in the House of Representatives on Wednesday hosted by Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Bahaa al-Araji and finance ministers Hoshyar Zebari and Oil Adel Abdul-Mahdi, electricity Qassim Fahdawi about the power crisis and provide fuel for the stations and finance.

A statement of the Ministry of Finance responded to Twilight News he was research and discuss the crisis and the root causes and suggested solutions.

Showing Minister and the government's position and their keenness to cooperate constructively to increase the power and processing Qzaiattaghiz stations with fuel and finance ministries to buy the necessary oil derivatives.

He also presented the Minister of Finance the difficult financial situation and the reasons for the lack of funding and liquidity, and the ministry is ready to support the efforts and projects of the Ministry of Electricity.

Zebari called on parliament to urge citizens to rationalize consumption, as well as an increase in laws relating to state resources and cooperation for the implementation of the legislation in the budget laws.