Parliamentary Security threaten "expose" delay the interior and defense salary 7/29
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Thread: Parliamentary Security threaten "expose" delay the interior and defense salary 7/29

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    Parliamentary Security threaten "expose" delay the interior and defense salary 7/29

    Parliamentary Security threatening to "expose" that would delay the interior and defense employees paying salaries

    Long-Presse / Baghdad - Asked the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary, on Wednesday, the need to deliver the employees of the interior and defense ministries for their salaries on time, and threatened to "expose" of delaying the delivery of salaries, as called for officers not to delay the upgrade.

    The Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense of quitting during a press conference in the parliament building with the members of the Committee and attended by the (long-Presse), that "there is delay in the soldiers pay the salaries of police officers in the ministries of defense and interior," noting that "a lot of martyrs and the wounded did not reach their salaries Until now ".

    Zamili added that "the salaries of the two ministries responsible for delivery of the timing of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Finance and Minister of Defense and Interior and responsible budget," asserting that "the Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region of its members received the first ministries and this thing is calculated for them."

    Zamili and stressed that the issue of "delayed delivery of the ministries of interior and defense salaries contrary to the norms and al-Shara and the law", threatening to "expose the delay of delivery of salaries, whether the Minister of Finance or the Minister of Defense or Interior or responsible budget."

    In another context Zamili pointed out that "the upgrade is a right guaranteed by the constitution and the law is not entitled to one that gives the rank those who do not deserve," pointing out that "there are soldiers fighting for ten years and they as well as the presence of officers 15 years ago has not been promoted too careless."

    Zamili called "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense not to delay in the upgrade to the officers that he is not entitled to withhold a promotion officers for no reason," stressing "the need to apply the law of service and military retirement."

    Iraq is facing a severe financial crisis, caused by the fall in world oil prices by more than half, and internecine war being waged against (Daash), caused by adopting austerity policy has led to the suspension of the majority of projects in the provinces.

    The Cabinet decided, in (the twentieth of January 2015), the formation of cell crisis, headed by the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, and the membership of the Ministers of Finance, oil and planning, as well as central bank governor and adviser economic head of government, to set priorities for the government and the doors of exchange and to reduce costs and increase financial resources , with the help of experts and specialists.
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