Barzani willing visit Baghdad asserts:UN monitor exports 7/29
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Thread: Barzani willing visit Baghdad asserts:UN monitor exports 7/29

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    Barzani willing visit Baghdad asserts:UN monitor exports 7/29

    Barzani he is willing to visit Baghdad asserts: do not mind the United Nations to monitor exports

    Long-Presse / Erbil - The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, on Wednesday, his willingness to visit Baghdad to solve the problem of oil and salaries, and confirmed no objection by the United Nations to monitor the region's oil exports, while Germany promised way "better" dialogue to resolve the problems between the two parties.

    The presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, "Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani today received the German consul in Iraq, Eckhard Baliose".

    He said Barzani, according to the statement that "the government is ready to visit Baghdad again to address the oil problem and the salaries of the region," stressing "no objection from the United Nations to monitor oil exports to the region to ensure transparency."

    In another context, Barzani stressed that "the role played by the international coalition in support of the Peshmerga in its fight against al (Daash) was the most important reason in our victories."

    For his part, the German Consul according to the statement said that "the best way to solve problems between Baghdad and the region is dialogue and debate to get to the good results."

    He baliose and pointed out that "his country continues to support the Peshmerga during its war against the organization," and expressed "gratitude to the people of Kurdistan to take them large numbers of displaced people in spite of the economic crisis and the war."

    The federal government signed with the Kurdistan Regional Government, in (the second of December 2014 the past), the Convention requires that the Kurdistan Regional Government to export 550 thousand barrels of oil per day from fields and fields of Kirkuk, for sending the federal government's budget territory amounting to 17 percent of the budget public, but that agreement collapsed after the two sides exchanged accusations over the lack of commitment to them.

    The Kurdistan Regional Government, confirmed in (the 17th of June 2015), it will be forced to take legal ways to address the financial and economic crisis in the region, if "Baghdad did not comply with" the budget law, and has then to export oil directly without handed over to the Iraqi Marketing Company (SOMO).

    The government crisis cell, confirmed on Wednesday, (July 15 from the current 2015), on the need to adhere to the Convention on the delivery of oil Kurdistan region's oil and dues amounts, according to the law of the federal budget for the current year 2015.
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