Completion of Karbala stadium at a cost of 116 billion dinars

Iraq today -
Directorate of Youth and Sport of Karbala on Wednesday announced increase in the percentage of completion in the Olympic Stadium project Karbala 30 000 spectators capacity in addition to the courts? Alrdjevin and four-star hotel and at a cost of 116 billion Iraqi dinars, which is implemented by a Turkish company.

Where the supervisor of the engineering projects in youth and sport Karbala Directorate Engineer Hussein Alwan that 'the percentage of completion has reached more than 81% and that this percentage is the total project as a whole with the materials at hand indicating that the fence outside the Iron stadium gates work and the percentage of completion to more than 91 % wiring and electricity to all parts of the stadium that reached more than 75%, while the domestic arena are completed up to 70% '.

He said Alwan he 'was completed monument rules columns own switch on the pitch, as he pointed to a display which will be installed soon by a dedicated staff of the company Bladavh to the near completion of the roofing filled the stadium full, which reached a completion rate of 60% as well as the completion of air-conditioning systems'.