The joint forces advancing in Anbar province 7/29
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Thread: The joint forces advancing in Anbar province 7/29

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    The joint forces advancing in Anbar province 7/29

    The joint forces advancing in Anbar province

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Media announced military cell, Wednesday, that the joint forces killed 43 element of the terrorist organization Daash and destroyed their hideouts and Jlathm in Anbar and neighboring regions province, and showed that the troops were making progress in Anbar.

    It said cell in a statement, "The security forces continue operations in Anbar events for cleansing the entire province of Conception terrorist gangs, where the progress our troops began to purge Heights Albuaath toward the highway and managed to dismantle 45 of an explosive device and the destruction of nine nests of terrorists."

    "The Air Force sent direct blow to the enemy positions that killed five terrorist elements and the destruction of a machine-gun, also has control over the southern part of the Golan Albu Aath, also carried out flight international coalition strike north of Ramadi, near the Po Aath, that killed 11 terrorists, and destroy Walker them and a number of machine guns. "

    She cell in its statement that "security forces continue to cleanse the north minefield Albu Aath has also to address 60 of an explosive device, and still continues to progress in this axis," adding that "flight international coalition against three strikes on the neighborhood Kurds against the University of Anbar targeted a group of terrorists." .

    Aachert cell and that "the Brigade 76 of the band 16 and the forces of the Federal Police were able to edit Tel Msheehdh fully and raising the Iraqi flag above it, and Mazel engineering continuous effort to raise improvised explosive devices there."

    She said the media cell-Harbi too, that "the Baghdad Operations Command continues Qtatha and within the dawn of the vine process of clearing the area and the surrounding areas, where I managed to kill three terrorists burned and damaged wheel bearing machine-gun and kill those inside and grab the gun for terrorists 155mm, as well as to find the six containers device has been treated. "

    She explained that "the dominant prescriptive Headquarters Infantry Brigade 17 out of a force of prescriptive implementation of the above duty in Mr. Ghraib area and crushers to clear a number of ways there, and found 40 explosive device was destroyed."

    They pointed out that "the leadership of the island's operations and the desert carried out security effectiveness in Jawaanh area, that killed eight terrorists burned and damaged two motorcycles, with embarked another force in conjunction with the crowd tribal implementation process Tardah preemptive against terrorist elements in Alskrh area and the corner."

    Cell, adding that "the anti-terrorism device forces captured during the cleansing of Anbar University process on four wheels and 30 container medium for CIFOR and explosive materials and four guided missiles and 45 hardware Fund diverse and four bombers and three singlet and mortar, and two AK-PKC and Hacptin type laptop and camera control and hardware Variety and five touch devices Portable and 60-mm mortar launcher and five rockets and a number of mobile devices. "

    Oadan and that "the leadership of the air force carried out 15 sorties breakers on all operations, army aviation and carried out 40 sorties breakers on all the processes."

    She stressed that "the international airline alliance carried out 10 sorties on different cutters operations, which resulted in the killing of 21 terrorists and the destruction of two wheels, three wheels bomb and heavy machine guns and the entrance to the tunnel, as well as the destruction of the control point and cache and two locations of the enemy."
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