TOGY partners with IBBC for Iraq book 7/28/2015
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Thread: TOGY partners with IBBC for Iraq book 7/28/2015

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    TOGY partners with IBBC for Iraq book 7/28/2015

    TOGY partners with IBBC for Iraq book

    LONDON, July 28, 2015 – TOGY is proud to announce its partnership with the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) for the production of the upcoming edition of The Oil & Gas Year Iraq.

    The IBBC is a renowned, high-level networking organisation that promotes and facilitates doing business in Iraq. Now comprising 70 member companies, including BP, Shell, and ExxonMobil, the IBBC is dedicated to “identifying, quantifying and then realising the potential that is Iraq,” according to the organisation’s executive chair, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne.
    Baroness Nicholson and the IBBC were first featured in the Oil & gas Year Iraq 2014, when she elaborated on the organisation’s work and how it has helped to create a more welcoming business environment in Iraq. TOGY and the IBBC subsequently entered into a media partnership for the successful June 2015 IBBC Spring Conference in London.. This relation was then solidified with a partnership for the production of The Oil & Gas Year Iraq 2015, which will once more prominently feature the IBBC and many of its member companies, such as Aegis Defence Services and GardaWorld.

    “In Iraq, knowledge about the country, the people in charge of different policy aspects and the implementation thereof are important,” Baroness Nicholson said.. “We have a vast body of knowledge on the market, so the goal is to share that knowledge,” she added.

    Commenting on the partnership on behalf of TOGY, regional director for the Middle East Eric Gay said “TOGY’s unparalleled research and communications platform for the energy sector and the IBBC’s expertise in building business connections in Iraq presented both organisations with a strong partnership opportunity, and we are delighted to be working with the IBBC this year.”

    In addition to promoting best practices and transferring knowledge and technology, another element in the IBBC’s goal of initiating business is to organise conferences and seminars, host roundtable discussions, arrange trade delegations and work to address issues companies might face in the market.

    The IBBC’s next major event, the annual Autumn Conference, will be held on November 9 and 10 in London.. This year’s event will include sessions on energy, masterplanning, heritage preservation, and other aspects relevant to Iraq in the global marketplace.

    TOGY is the leading supplier of information and communication services to the global energy industry. Recently audited by BPA Worldwide, TOGY’s series of annual, country-specific reports on petroleum provinces worldwide has a readership of 69,000 energy and finance executives in 101 countries together with key government ministries in the middle east and globally.

    TOGY is recognised worldwide as a market leader in energy intelligence and is present throughout the region at conferences and events as an official media partner.
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