The decision of Parliament: the Parliament failed to hold accountable any corrupt official

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-the decision of the House of Imad yokhna, Monday, that the differences among the parliamentary blocs led to many important laws. Referring to Parliament's inability to hold any official. Yokhna told reporters Thursday: "some of the lags in some parliamentary committees led to disable the laws", "the parliamentary blocs disputes they cause in that disruption," denying that "there is a will among those blocks to pass laws affecting the lives of Iraqi citizens." He noted that "the loss of confidence of the main problems between parliamentary blocs," pointing out that "delay laws borne by those blocks almtkhalfh with each other," stressing that "these differences undermine the role of the legislature". And on issues of corruption among yokhna that "the Parliament is unable to hold spoilers in official circles, that each employee is corrupt barricade behind certain political bloc, which leads to a lack of accountability which shorted and corrupt", "lack of accountability for any Parliament throughout the current and previous session." He stressed the "necessity of the dimensions of the judicial institution and body integrity of sectarian quotas, so that these institutions operate is correct.