The scourge of money laundering kill the Iraqi economy

Because of the spread of financial and administrative corruption... BAGHDAD - Constitution Despite the Iraqi government's efforts to contain the financial corruption file and Iraqi money smuggled abroad, but their attempts failed for the existence of influential people which impede these efforts to protect their interests, according to go to him more parliamentarians concerned Balomr.oary parliamentarians that the continuation of corruption as fact now , in light of the erosion of oil prices, Iraq threatens to bankrupt in a few years may not exceed two years, where Iraq depends on oil major supplier for its expenses, and with the fall in oil prices by about 50% since June last year, Iraq has nearly half of the public treasury revenues. member of the Finance Committee in the Parliament, Majida al-Tamimi, said that money laundering and currency smuggling to overseas operations, is still ongoing, and that the committee traced some remittances that are channeled for the benefit of non-listed companies in the formal purchase invoices, which means that there is smuggling and laundering Omwal.oodavc Tamimi that there is a committee formed since 2007 to follow up on the fate of the money diverted to the outside but dead clinically because of the spread of financial and administrative corruption in the country and not check the final accounts for the financial budgets of previous years, noting that punish corrupt included junior staff only and did not include senior spoilers because there are mafias. Tamimi revealed for the loss of about 228 billion dinars, the equivalent of $ 190 million in fictitious projects during the past year 2014 his part, said a member of the legal committee in the parliament, Mohsen al-Sadoun, the waste of money in previous budgets, cut the road in front of a final plug in the current state budget He pointed out that the financial crisis started since the previous governments of wasting public funds during the period 2004 - 2012, and that the presence of those funds would have the deficit in the public budget plugging for years, pointing out that the value of money wasted since the US occupation and until 2012, amounted to 245 billion dollars, as well as the budget surplus achieved in this period, estimated at up to $ 150 billion, and that one did not find a trace him on Alatalaq.ouhdhir member of the Legal Committee in Parliament that Iraq is in danger of bankruptcy by the next two years, and will be unable to pay the salaries of its employees, because of the bypass the fiscal deficit budget of the country $ 50 billion a year, explaining that the amounts retained from the previous budgets up to the year 2012 was more than $ 50 billion.