Jubouri: Parliament supports reducing the salaries of officials and the government to provide law supports budget

said House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, the support of the parliament to the government's decision to reduce the three presidencies and special grades and administrators' salaries. Jubouri said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, followed by the parliament session today that "the House of Representatives supports and blesses any action to support the budget and enable the State to provide services, including the reduction of aspects of the agreement and to increase resources and reduce the privileges and the government's decision to reduce salaries which is one of the constitutional obligations ". He called al-Jubouri "The government is providing law to support the budget," he said. "The Council will be keen to approval," calling for the House of Representatives for proposals of the Finance Committee to support the budget. "
He also called on the President of the House of Representatives' Finance Committee for the receipt of proposals members on ways to budget support and to make recommendations in this regard to turn the recommendations into a resolution "calling for" finding suitable to attract money in the tourism and agriculture sector investment environment. "
The Council of Ministers approved in its meeting last Tuesday to reduce senior positions Salaries and three presidencies and their deputies by 50% while reducing Minister allocations and those who are rank shall be fixed and paid their salaries by 45%.
It also decided to reduce the allocation of agents ministers and advisers and those with special grades and general managers and their grade and earn their salary by 40%, and reducing staff allocations in all functional addresses in the three presidencies, bodies and departments associated by 30%, to be implemented This decision on the first of next August. "
For its part, welcomed the Supreme religious authority last Friday, this resolution stressing the need for legislation in the House of Representatives to be binding on the parties concerned "so as not to be a media consumption and distracting public opinion only" .