Iraqi error delay the receipt of weapons and aircraft Czech 4 months behind schedule

07/28/2015 21:12
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Parliamentary Finance Committee, unveiled yesterday, for the late arrival of the first batch of the Czech aircraft deal to another several months because of an error in the communications of the Iraqi Foreign interview with Turkish and Czech counterparts.
According to the Foreign Affairs Committee it has asked Ankara to allow the cargo landing in Turkish airports, while one agreement with the Czech side provides for the traffic which led to delayed for four months to come.
The Finance Committee and talked about the existence of suspicions of corruption in the Czech deal, pointing to the existence of exaggeration in the price of the deal, saying it Stphath defense committee about it.
The Ministry of Defense Czech, early last March, for the Czech government's approval of the deal to hand over Iraq's 15 aircraft (L-159), and the expected delivery of the aircraft to Iraq through two to three years.
He said Czech Defense Minister Martin Stervnski, in an interview, "The Czech government approved a deal to hand over Iraq's 15 aircraft (L-159) light fighter without the speed of sound," explaining that "the Czech army will sell the aircraft for $ 30 million to the company manufacturers have Airovodo Khodj ".
Reached Inc. (Aero Vodukhoda) Czech military manufacturing, after two years of negotiations with the Iraqi government, an agreement in October 2012 on the sale of four surplus aircraft to Army Czech Republic two-seat deal for training aircraft L-159T1 with 24 modern aircraft made model L-159B .
And L- 159 aircraft can be equipped with air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground, and 80% of these foreign fighters originating especially Americans.
He says Haider al-Mutlaq, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, said that "the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Defense has contracted with the Czech government to equip Iraqi forces aircraft to support its air defenses."
He said al-Mutlaq, told the "long", that "the occurrence of an error in correspondence Iraqi Foreign Ministry with Turkish counterparts to obtain approval to cross the Czech arms shipment to Baghdad led to the postponement of this deal."
He said a member of the Finance Committee that "the request made by Iraq through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the text of the cargo landing in Turkish airports and one take-off after that, while the agreement with the Czech side provides for the use Turkish airspace without landing".
Mutlaq points out that "This error caused the postponement of the arrival of the deal four months after a request from the Czech government to get new approvals."
A source in the Defense Ministry said, last week, close to Iraq received a Czech arms deal includes aircraft, tanks, likely arriving the end of July of this and the beginning of next August.
Excalibur announced Czech company, last February, it is about the Iraqi army tanks delivery of the model T-72s and personnel carriers from the model BMP-1s were fixed in the company's factories recently, and that the total number of this military equipment is the 100 military piece.
In turn reminds MP Alexander and berries, a member of the Committee on Security and Defence parliamentary, "This transaction is limited to the number of aircraft that are meant to support the Iraqi air force in its war against Daash organizations".
He continues, and berries, in a statement to the "long", that "the Czech aircraft, which will hopefully be arriving in the coming periods to Baghdad, capable of carrying missiles flying compelling levels."
He said a member of the security committee by saying that "this aircraft is one of the advanced species, which is considered an extension of the aircraft 29L and the Czech L32 which is very much like a fighter L36 which are currently used by the Syrian army, but this plane bought by Iraq more sophisticated than the rest."
The attention and berries that "the Iraqi cadres are aware of this and find out the plane and maybe it will be easier to use than the US F16 aircraft which contain a very difficult and unique techniques." He noted that "some political blocs are trying to thwart the deal in various ways for unknown reasons."
And rejected the National Alliance MP reveal the number of fighters, attributing this to the "security reasons that necessitate not to mention the numbers," but he stressed that "Iraq needs this plane at the present time."
But the Parliamentary Finance Committee says "Iraq signed contract Czech fighter jets in 2014 in the government of Nouri al-Maliki The contract to train pilots on the specific quality of the aircraft."
MP says Masood Haider, (range) that "the value of the deal involve significant exaggeration where up to 12 times the real price," pointing out that "the Finance Committee discussed the subject and will be held accountable for the Ministry of Defense and the fact prices."
MP from the Kurdish bloc change, adding that "the cost of a single plane of up to US $ 13 million" for refusing to disclose the number of such aircraft.
The MP Hashem al-Moussawi, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, for (long-Presse) said early July of this "The previous government had contracted with the Czech Republic on the purchase of a number of aircraft dating back to the nineties of the last century, forcing the Czech government to re-open the factories were Closed for their production, "he returned to" deal formed a contract for the Czech Republic imaginary. "
The Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, revealed in previous press statements, the existence of corruption worth $ 157 million deal buy Czech "L159" aircraft entered into by the Ministry of Defense in 2014.
.. Of Mohammad Sabah