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    Customs tariff

    National Coalition excludes the application of the customs tariff in the next period

    2015/01/28 14:30

    Tomorrow/Baghdad: National Coalition mp said olive dulaimi, Tuesday, the parliamentary Finance Committee on Wednesday will discuss the application of the tariff decision, excluded the application of resolution next month due to the deteriorating economic situation.

    Al-dulaimi said "tomorrow", that "there are some governmental institutions delayed payment of salaries to its employees in addition to austerity and fiscal expenditure pressures than there is difficulty in applying the decision of the customs tariff at this time."

    She added that "If the application of the customs tariff will rise all the prices in the market and the economic situation does not allow for the increased expenses", prompting the Federal Government to "take a decision to wait instead of applying the customs tariff act which is not in the interest of the people at this stage and to defer to another time to suit the country's economic situation."

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