Jumaili: the trend towards state-building is the best choice

Unit Jumaili

July 28, 2015 13:10

(Independent) .. adviser Chairman of the Board of Representatives for national reconciliation and unity Jumaili: "The trend towards state-building is best confirmed our choice despite winning political problems.

She Jumaili in a press statement today: "After a period of political bickering stage and the absence of a true partnership that was born Dhour terrorist groups occupied one-third of Iraq's territory and thus became the terrorist groups threatening entity of the Iraqi state and threaten the stability and unity of Iraq as well as the threat to the components of Iraq has become imperative for everyone heading toward state-building, despite the political differences of obtaining gains for the Iraqi components.

She added: "today does not have a choice in front of the components of Iraq a better option than to go to state-building and to maintain stability in order to maintain their presence in the characterization of themselves and stay away from the issue of the exchange of the previous roles adopted by some of the politicians. (End)